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Updates September 2007

 Hathway goes to trial. News on

News: Ramsay denied parole
By Arthur Williams
Prince George Free Press
Sep 14 2007
Former provincial court judge David William Ramsay was denied day parole Wednesday despite being given only two years to live by prison doctors.

Updates August 2007

Interview with Philip Slayton
Ex-Bay street lawyer talks about how lawyers became greedy, unprincipled enablers of the rich
KATE FILLION | August 6, 2007 |

The lawyers object
Canadian Bar Association denounces Maclean's cover story staff | Jul 30, 2007 | 5:53 pm EST

Not a lone wolf in the wilderness
Our response to the Canadian Bar Association staff | Aug 1, 2007 | 5:47 pm EST

The Interview: Philip Slayton
The ex-lawyer discusses his Maclean's interview and challenges the Canadian Bar Association president to a debate
Kate Lunau | Jul 27, 2007 | 4:11 pm EST

LAWYERS GONE BAD - Philip Slayton - Penguin Books

The Ross Children, Johanna Lucas.
The fact is that these sick social workers had control of Saskatchewan Justice, prosecutors and the judges by their balls.   These wimp candy-asses are just to embarrassed to admit it.

It is shocking to read that in 2002 Superintendent Brian Dueck was actively engaged in organizing a drug treatment facility dedicated solely to young people.


Updates July 2007


News: Peter Whitmore
Winnipeg Free Press
Wed Jul 18 2007
By Mike McIntyre

WHITEWOOD, Sask. -- Convicted pedophile Peter Whitmore has struck a controversial plea bargain with Saskatchewan justice officials following last summer's random kidnapping and sexual assault of two young boys from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the Free Press has learned.

Townsfolk demand toughest sentence
Crown vilified for deal, people feel betrayed

Its Old News: Peter Whitmore: Jeff Kalmakoff

The Ross Children: The Saskatoon StarPhoenix has knowingly been printing lies about the Ross children for over fifteen years.

News: Free food

 Documents: DR. Z. PARKER REPORT 1992 Page 1

News: Grading the class of '07

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: What do the editors of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix think they are doing?
Why is this Crown prosecutor being allowed to prosecute anyone in a Canadian court room?

Related from the voice of reason at A CORRUPT INSTITUTION

Justice Minister Frank Quennell, is wrong to protect his friend, as long as that appeal isn’t entered.

Its not about what happened to the Ross and Klassen children, its about the money.

Updates June 2007"

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal

KVELLO V. MIAZGA:  A Decision from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal
May 30, 2007

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
I started wondering what the hell the judges were talking about at paragraph 6.

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Globe and Mail

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 7 More Crap

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Odd thing about memory, huh?
Lack of recall remarkable. The StarPhoenix editorial
Friday, September 19, 2003

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 146 - 239: More Crap

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 255. Someone, please ask these judges to retire.

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 228
“Surely one must ask where were the courts in all of this?”

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Lies and Slander
They did not name the judges involved in the cover-up as Defendants.

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 6 - Criminal Code and Canada Evidence Act
Maybe a soft thump on the back of the head with a bible would help

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 8. “ Eventually, the boy was sexually abusing the girls.”
This is BS and the judges know it.

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
A Canadian war hero.

News: Star-Phoenix July 21, 2007 - Justice system poorly handled case of drunk off-duty officer
This is just more hogwash from the Court of Appeal

Documents: Letter July 23rd, 1992 Matthew Miazga to Murray Brown, Director of Appeals

Documents: Letter September 30, 1992  Matthew Miazga to Richard Quinney

Documents: Letter May 25 1993 Miazga to Murray Brown

Documents: Letter Aug 13, 1992 C. Richard Quinney, Q.C to Matthew K. Miazga

Documents: Letter From Matthew K. Miazga to Sheila Gagne February 25th, 1992

Documents: Letter from David Macknak to Miazga February 24, 1992

Documents: Dr Parker letter to Norma Rivard

Documents: Cpl. Brian Dueck’s list of cult conferences

How to manipulate a child in grade four into lying. The Saskatchewan way.

Satanic Ritual Abuse
Saskatchewan’s Satanic Panic

Documents: Marilyn Thompson Notes Transcript June 22, 2001
Page 41 To Page 43

Transcript of Taped interview of Michael London Ross by Corporal Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys October 20, 1990.

I will be writing up a post about how a just turned 11 year old child in grade 4 was manipulated into supplying testimony to agree with the above Thompson notes.  This is a sick abuse of the law and a sicker abuse of a child’s trust.  Some people may have trouble distinguishing who the adults are. Michael answers to questions are proceeded by the letter A. He is the child.   CPL. DUECK and MS. BUNKO-RUYS are the adults.

News: SaskParty candidate suspended from police job says it's political

Updates May 2007"

"The Saskatoon Dad That Can't Be Named By Court Order"

Has absolutely no affiliation to

News: "Power and Paranoia"
Judge Elizabeth Halverson - Google News
Who said it could only happen in Saskatchewan?
"Sit down, shut-up and do not say another word"

News: DC Rally - AUGUST 18, 2007
Bring Children and Families Back Together
National Mall - Washington DC

Lawyers: Rod G. Gall
May 4, 2007

Lawyers: Rod G. Gall
Email: May 24, 2007

Brantford Rally for Norris

Q.B. No. 616,  2007
The news media can create another scandal involving Provincial court judge Terry Bekolay in 2007, or print the truth about the Ross children and the on going scandal they fabricated in the late 1980’s.

News: From Saskatoon Dad
I was asked by the PA lawyer (Blenner-Hassert) to write an apology regarding my web site
Saskatoon Dad Links is offline

News: Saskatoon Dad

How can the Saskatoon Dad expect a fair decision from this court?
The Canadian Press, 200
Sask. man granted visitation with biological son in bitter custody dispute

Updates April 2007


Malinowski defends himself

Dr. Charles Smith
The "new neighbours."
© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

Wilfred Hathway
I have been unable to attend court.  I will post the decision of Mr Justice Allbright when it becomes available. Any publication ban will be seen for what it is, protecting Saskatoon’s corrupt administration of justice.

Hell Angels

I do believe if the Hell’s Angels were involved when the 8 year old Ross Twins were left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan the members would have had more then a word or two with a Saskatoon Police officer, Saskatchewan politicians and Saskatchewan Justice.  Canadian laws are being abused.  If we stand by and watch the RCMP steal a Hell’s Angels property paid for before the enactment of laws allowing this because of who they are, Hell’s Angels, your property could be next.  Canadians who speak out about this abuse of power are not supporting the Hell’s Angels.      

Justice T. Alex

February 22, 2007. Byron Prior, was arrested and taken to court in ankle chains & handcuffs after 40 years of telling the truth about what happened to his family in Newfoundland. Mr Prior was charged with 3 counts of Defamatory Liable under section 301 of the Canadian Criminal Code. The Crown laid the charges.

Section 301 was ruled unconditional by Justice Paul Hrabinsky during the malicious persecution of John and Johanna Lucas in Saskatchewan. 

Justice Hrabinsky’s ruling was not appealed by the Crown.  Steve Osborne was charged with libelling Mr. Justice Guerette under section 301. Justice Guerette was the complainant.  Section 301 was declared unconstitutional in New Brunswick.

Section 300 had a new meaning after the Supreme Court of Canada spin doctors protected the people responsible for leaving the Ross Twins to be raped for four years in Saskatoon.

Silencing the truth of political and judicial corruption in Canada by use of section 301 and section 300 needs to end.  Charges laid under section 301 are malicious prosecutions laid by corrupt officers of the court with one objective.  Silence the truth. If the Byron Prior malicious prosecution continues the first order of the court has to be DNA testing. 
The Dead and Forgotten
Newfoundland’s Shame
Saskatchewan’s Shame
Removal from the Order of Canada

Updates: February 2007



Wilfred Hathway
Court Date: March 5, 2007
Attend The Hearing
Hathway: Justice Hrabinsky

Lie, Lie and More Lies

Justice Paul Hrabinsky
New form of mad cow disease?

About this web site
The Act of Pretending

James Driskell - Justice Hrabinsky - Nazism and the KKK

Post on the Star Chamber Blog
Justice Hrabinsky: He is a corrupt judge.

The Court of Queen’s Bench, March 5, 2007 at 10:00 A.M.
R v. Wilfred Hathway

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix version v. The Vancouver Sun version
Girl, 12, guilty of torching woman

R v. Ross, Ross & White
Saskatchewan’s first satanic ritual child abuse case
Index - Information - Page 1 to 9 - Page 10 to 19
Transcript Preliminary Hearing

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
A baby cooked, de-boned, eaten and the remains buried in a back yard in Saskatoon????

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The Honourable Donald K. MacPherson
Gag  Letter

Wilfred Hathway
There is news on the Hathway case posted on injusticebusters.

Court Cases
Hendricks v. Swan
Legal Child Abduction In Saskatchewan
A Public Whipping

The Satanic Ritual Hysteria
The experts on dead baby remains buried in a Saskatoon backyard
Exorcisms Not For Amateurs

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The Ross Children
Perverted Sick Child Abuse

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
There are only two options, order a new trial, or  resign from the court.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Transcripts
Matthew Miazga did not want to proceed with the charges

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Transcripts
Disclosures: Killing, eating, cooking and de-boning babies.
Marilyn Thompson - X-Exam Page 792 - 796

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
Hunt For Children is Over
The Boy in a Bubble
Michael London Ross

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse- Transcript
Trial - Cross Kergoat - Dueck P719

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The hunt for children was on in Saskatchewan

The trick to doing something illegal is to mislabel it as legal.
The Witch Letter

Slanderers Junk Journalism. One half of the story
Attention custody case critics

 Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
Rev. Colin Clay: Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children

Updates: March 2007


Lawyers - Rod Gall
E-mail to Rod Gall

News Page. Wilfred Hathway
CTV W5 Episode: Sexual Predators.

Hathway hearing
“They defamed him.” The Old Fools on the Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon Dad's
Steak Night

Canadian soldier charged with manslaughter
This is wrong.

Saskatchewan Courts
Saskatchewan Corruption

Donald A. McKillop, Q.C.
Lies and Slander

Saskatchewan Courts
The Sacrifice of Judicial Independence in Saskatchewan

Hathway Hearing
March 13, 2007

Wilfred Hathway
Update: RCMP Mr Big
Rely on the national news media for our local news

Its Old News
Resignation of Brian Dueck from the SPS
What happened to the provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code, Section 21 (1b)?

A brighter future for B.C. children
Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

The Voice of Reason

Wilfred Hathway Hearing
March 7, 2007

Wilfred Hathway Hearing
Attend the Hathway Hearing
March  5, 2007

New Website in Saskatoon

New Website
Vision For

SOS Josh Hunt Rally

Taking your own counsel
Mar 07, 2007 04:30 AM Tracey Tyler

Nicholas Sherstobitoff
How many supernumerary judges does Saskatchewan have, or need?

Nicholas Sherstobitoff has elected to become a supernumerary judge.

Another secret payoff by the Government of Saskatchewan.
Murdoch Carriere on

Updates: January 2007

Court Cases
Hendricks v. Swan
Legal Child Abduction In Saskatchewan

Justice Shawn Smith
Saskatchewan Courts
Judges Only

Justice Paul Hrabinsky
The Moral Bullshit Judge

New internet address for Casinternment

Affidavit of Terry Hinz
Memorandum:  Hinz to Wilfrid Tucker
Chris Axworthy Letter to Terry Hinz

Kvello v Miazga Appeal
A Backwoods Society

Saskatchewan Justice .ca
“The Symak Papers”

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
People are Talking

Ross Twins Settlement: Brian Symak
Here is money, go kill yourself.

The Great Protector: Justice Paul Hrabinsky
Protect Thy Kingdom

Saskatchewan Court of Appeal
Culture of Death

Updates: December 2006

The Vopni Family
“Its an evil place”

Justice Allbright: First Judgement - March 11, 2004

Justice Allbright: Second Judgement - July 6, 2005

Justice Jackson: Judgement - November 24, 2006

W5 Forum: Online Predators

 Online Predators
W5 and the Sexual Predators
Mar 24: Pedophiles lurking online, while W-FIVE's cameras are rolling.

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