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“To John and Johanna Lucas, with happy memories of shared experiences and a hope for a more just society." - Howard McConnell

Professor Emeritus Howard McConnell - College of Law University of Saskatchewan
B.A. (Carleton) 1955, B.C.L. (New Brunswick) 1958, Ph.D. (Toronto) 1968, LL.M. (Saskatchewan) 1970. is a web site that tells the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan.  It was run by Johanna Lucas up until August 2006.  Justice Kyle’s gag order prevented her husband, John Lucas, from doing anything without the courts permission.  The Crown entered a Stay of Proceeding and the gag order ended along with the last remaining charge of defaming Justice Kyle’s friend, Justice Paul Hrabinsky. Johanna Lucas was jailed along with her husband John after trying to bring the publics attention to what was happening to the Ross Twins in the Thompson Special Foster Home.   They were both found guilty and jailed in corrupt court proceedings to protect Saskatchewan Justice, Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatchewan Social Services. Most if not all the posts were written before the Crown Stayed the proceedings.

During the Klassen civil case Johanna and  John Lucas were again arrested and jailed.  Charges against Johanna Lucas were dropped, John Lucas was awaiting a trial in October 2006. He was charged with defamatory libel.  This time around its not a disgraced police officer, it’s a corrupt judge who conducted corrupt court proceedings and tried to keep the public from finding out about the Ross twins and their brother.

All three of the Ross children Professor Emeritus Howard McConnellwere victims of this corrupt court.  They were FASD children in the care and control of Saskatchewan’s Justice and Social Services and were used and coached into testifying against their parents in what has to be the most bizarre and sick court case about ritual abuse, baby killings and cannibalism.

Saskatchewan Justice would have us all believe that it was the children’s lies that resulted in the Satanic Child Abuse nightmare in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Justice and the media is placing the blame on the children, and the law. That is an outright lie. There was nothing wrong with the law then or now. It was the religious nut cases within Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatchewan’s Judicial Juggernaut that resulted in the Ross Twins being left to be raped for four years. It is the people in charge of the law in Saskatchewan, not the law.

They are still in charge of Saskatchewan Justice, its time to stop the lies about the Ross children. They are being used and abused again by non-lawyers, what about their brother, what about all the others who had their lives destroyed by this pack of judicial nut cases?

Hear the truth, attend the Notice of Motion filed by John Lucas to be heard in the Court of Queen’s Bench on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 11 AM.  Attend his trial and remember that John and Johanna Lucas were jailed and if not for the help the Klassen’s received from John Lucas they would not have seen a dime. They would have stayed being accused child molesters like the rest of the accused. Have a look at the picture on of a law professor holding the pamphlets  about the Martinsville Nightmare if you think that all lawyers and judges in Saskatchewan are corrupt and Christian nut cases. The people wrongfully charged are asking for a public inquiry. It will not happen without the support of the people. The Lucas’s helped you all that were wrongfully charged in Martinsville.   The Ross twins are being used and abused again. Get off your asses.

A Honourable Independent Settlement for The Ross Children

The Persecution Of John & Johanna Lucas

This web site will support John and Johanna Lucas if they choose to file a claim for damages.  I will support any efforts to hold the people responsible for what happened to all three Ross children in Saskatchewan accountable for their actions. The people of Saskatchewan need to wake up, get involved and put an end to judicial corruption.  Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are not fit to wash the floors in the Court of Queen’s Bench.  They both have good reason to walk around looking at their shoes.

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Uncle Rick

There must be a full investigation into the Ross Twins Settlement.

I have been reading the Ross, Ross & White transcripts and otherUncle_Rick0302 documents concerning the Kvello V Miazga appeal. Mr Miazga was sold down the river by his fellow prosecutors and his bosses. This resulted in a judgement by Mr Justice Baynton of malicious prosecution against Mr Miazga. Mr Miazga was left with no way out.

What is clear is that Mr Miazga would not have knowing left the twins to be raped for four years. This can not be said for justice employees and judges who engaged in a 16 year cover-up. These same employees have conspired by engaging in back room deals to dupe the Ross Children and their lawyers. What the hell is going on in Saskatchewan? Are there no judges or prosecutors with the balls to stand up for and protect the rule of law? You can not sit on your asses and watch as non-lawyers and corrupt justice employees use the law to swindle and defraud.  Mr. Don McKillop should be removed from his office, not now, but right now.


Uncle Rick at

Robert Borden

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