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The Sacrifice of Judicial Independence

The Sacrifice of Judicial Independence in Saskatchewan started on the same day with the appointment of Justice Dovell and G. A. Smith to the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench.

It is clear and obvious that Saskatchewan Justice required the appointment of judges lacking in morals to do their dirty work for them because they did not have enough willing corrupt judges to deal with the increasing number of claims for damages resulting from Saskatoon’s ritual satanic abuse nightmare.

Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. Supreme Court of Canada. “Judicial independence is a prerequisite to justice. It is not for the judges.  But judicial independence is for the public’s protection.”

Justice Lamer is taking about government interference to ensure that judges are not influenced to do the bidding of government.  He failed to include the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Saskatchewan. Who were the members of the advisory committee responsible for the selection of Justice Dovell and G A Smith? What were the committee members connection to Saskatchewan’s ritual satanic cover-up by Saskatchewan‘s judges and Crown prosecutors who in the name of the Queen left the 8 year old Ross Twins to be raped in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan Corruption

The transcripts of the first satanic ritual child abuse (Ross, Ross & White) preliminary hearing and trial in Saskatoon are the makings of a blockbuster movie.  The transcript of the Kvello/Klassen preliminary hearing conducted by the same judge, police officer and Crown was an exercise designed by religious nut cases in Saskatchewan to dupe the public and leave the impression, with the help of the media, that the people charged in the Ross, Ross & White case were guilty.

The Ross, Ross & White Appeal 17 month delay by Mr. Justice Cameron, Mr. Justice Vancise and Madame Justice Gerwing was nothing more then a faint hope that someone charged in the Kvello/Klassen preliminary hearing would plead guilty.  This somehow justified in their minds a disgusting written judgement designed to protect religious extremists, directors of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services who knowingly allowed the four year rape of eight year old twin girls in Saskatchewan?

The Crown’s case relied on religious extremists and experts on the satanic ritual abuse of children who were willing to take advantage of these nut case’s and dupe the public out of vast sums of money at the expense of Saskatchewan children. Could someone please explain to me why the parents who had their children apprehended when they were charged with horrendous crimes against children could have their children returned to them within days of their release on bail? These parents were not the only ones who knew there was no legal bases for their arrest and charges.  Their children were the victims of a sick society that has failed in their duty to protect Saskatchewan children.

A hand full of Saskatchewan Government employees and judges in Saskatchewan have done the unthinkable. They have abused the court process and the rule of law for their own purposes.

Church leaders in Saskatchewan created a hysteria within the government of Saskatchewan. Social workers working together with police officers and Crown Prosecutors were overcome by the sick fancies of pedophile church leaders.  The ritual satanic child abuse hysteria was a creation of sick minds within the churches.

Most reasonable thinking people would have at first believed.  It would not have taken long for the majority to realise after hearing about sex with babies, babies sacrificed, barbecued and the other incredible horrendous acts claimed by the church leaders that they had extended their fear control over parents and children who have endured a life time of their control fear mongering and lies to include their sick fancies of sex with children.

Canada’s history of protecting church pedophiles and the sexual abuse of children started many years before the residential schools became a storehouse for child abuse.   Canadians over the years have turned a blind eye to child abuse.  During the early 50’s the talk in Europe started about a Canadian society that allows the abuse of children.  It was no longer just the pedophiles within the churches allowed to abuse children, it was the thousands of adults who were the victims of child abuse in Canada. How many parents in Canada have stayed silent knowing a member of the church, a friend or family member has sexually abused children, or their children?

When Johanna Lucas was arrested after picketing the Saskatoon Police Station, and her husband was arrested the following day because they were distributing the court ordered gagged and sealed documents detailing the sexual abuse of the Ross children in the care and control of religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

No one would be able to convince me that Justice Paul Hrabinsky and former disgraced police Superintendent, Brian George Dueck did not conspire with Saskatchewan Crown prosecutors, Justices of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, the City of Saskatoon and Social Services. With the help of a spineless media in Saskatoon they conducted corrupted court proceeding to silence the truth. Justice Hrabinsky duped the public into believing the Lucas’s were guilty by slandering and jailing John and Johanna Lucas. This is the same tactic of slander used by the judges who heard the preliminary matters in the Ross, Ross & White and Kvello/Klassen travesties of justice.

I do not agree with Canadians who believe the churches should have been closed and sold to pay for the damages and the atrocities of church members in church run schools in Canada.  The pedophiles should have been removed from the churches, along with those that protected them and enriched themselves over the past years as lawyers decided who was responsible for damages instead of jailing those who were responsible for allowing children to be raped.

Catholic priests have been leaving the church to marry?    I would think the priests do not want to be associated with the pedophile leaders of Catholics in Canada.  Catholics who still attend their church need to read the slop from a lawyer who represented them and their church. B.C. Catholic - November 28, 2005 and the Rod Donlevy page at

At the back entrance to the Court of Queen’s Bench I witnessed a senior Crown Prosecutor exiting the court house on March 7, 2007. He walked past John Lucas and stopped, he turned around and said to Mr John Lucas, “You are the voice of reason”.

This was evident to everyone at the time the Ross Twins were in the Thompson foster home who took the time to read the posters carried by his wife and the social services disclosure documents being posted in downtown Saskatoon by John Lucas that the Ross children, with the full knowledge of the Saskatoon Police and Saskatchewan Justice were in danger and being sexually abused.

There is one legal act in Saskatchewan that is placed above all others.  It is the acting by Saskatchewan Judges who believe that the judiciary needs to be seen by the public to be honest and have integrity instead of actually being honest and having integrity.

The documented corrupt history of Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell, G A Smith, Audrey Brent, Nicolas Stooshinoff and Lynne Greenhorn can not be disputed.  Justice Paul Hrabinsky is a corrupt judge. I have been warning the public about this moron and his blackmailing friends and will continue.  He has failed to get an injunction to remove the truth posted on my web sites about himself, Justice Dovell and Justice G A Smith. I would think this is because he would risk being seen by the public as a religious nut case like Brian Dueck, or a gullible old religious fool who has allowed himself to be duped again into blackmailing the disabled.

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