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Welcome To Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Judicial Corruption Capital of Canada

For years I have been warning the public about Justice Paul Hrabinsky and his corrupt brother judges, Madam Justice Dovell and Madam Justice G. A. Smith. They are common thieves and blackmailers.

Definition of Star Chamber Proceedings

Any judicial or quasi-judicial action, trial, or hearing which so grossly violates standards of "due process" that a party appearing in the proceedings (hearing or trial) is denied a fair hearing.

The Kangaroo Court

Slang: A court of law in which the violations of procedure, precedents, and due process are so gross that fundamental justice is denied.


The Act of Pretending

This site is naming the judges and people responsible for Saskatchewan corruption. What started as a cover-up of the satanic ritual child abuse cases by judges in Saskatchewan has resulted in a brake down of the rule of law in Saskatoon.

These so called Christian judges have used the law to protect the court from public ridicule. They have gagged and sealed to their hearts content. They have knowingly jailed the innocent and anyone who speaks out is intimidated and persecuted in the manner of Nazism and the KKK.

Justice PaulHrabinsky, has been allowed to use the law in the manner of a God.

Madam Justice Dovell was not appointed to the Court of Queens Bench because of her legal knowledge and ability. She is a middle sexed misfit appointed because of her angry bias towards men. Madam Justice G A Smith joined her in a failed attempt to crush anyone that spoke out, or filed a legal claim for damages.

They have, and are leaving a trail of injustice and destruction that is protected by appeal by Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, Justice Vancise and the new attempt to add some credibility to their corrupt judgements, the same sex marriage expert, Justice Richards.

We are in desperate need of judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal who believe that The Act of Pretending is a feigned reason for judgement.

Remove these sick old fools from the courts and demand a full public inquiry into government and legal corruption in Saskatchewan.


This is the home of Star Chamber Proceedings.


If you have arrived here after doing a search please have a look at the links page.  This site is about judicial corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Saskatchewan is a Canadian Province with a population of around a million people.  Saskatoon has a population of around 200,000 people who are known for their generosity and caring attitude towards the needy.  There are advantages to living in Canada’s bible belt.  There are no strip clubs and the like in Saskatoon.  There is massive racism towards the Aboriginal population.  There is racism in return by the Aboriginal population.  The North Saskatchewan river that flows through the city and divides it into east, and west, is not the only thing that divides the city.


The people of Saskatchewan are governed by a civil service that has become corrupt over the years. The patronage appointments to the courts have destroyed the Rule of Law. Corrupt civil servants and lawyers are in control of the courts and protected by a hand full of corrupt judges within Saskatchewan Justice.  I have detailed a small amount of this corruption in Saskatoon for about two years on the Star Chamber Blog after helping a friend being blackmailed in a Builders Lien scam involving Saskatoon lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff and the manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash. I have had everything except a camping trailer and a few personal belongings stolen in corrupt court proceedings over the past 6 years by Mr Stooshinoff’s former law partner Audrey Brent, Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell. I am now being blackmailed by Audrey Brent’s law partner Lynne Greenhorn.


I have named the people involved with the builders lien scam and the people who retaliated and have been persecuting me for over 6 years. If what I have said about Justice Hrabinsky, Justice G A Smith and Justice Malone was not true, I would have been charged and jailed. The truth is my protection.


When researching I found others posting on the internet and stories of corruption within Saskatchewan Justice. It was the same judges within the Provincial Court, Court of Queens Bench and Court of Appeal.  It was political for the most part. I started posting about the Ross children and John and Johanna Lucas. The corruption and cover-up was open with no attempt to hide it. These corrupt judges and civil servants have the power to destroy lives.


One of the other reasons I have not been charged is because of the R v John Lucas case.  Mr Lucas has been charged with defaming Justice Paul Hrabinsky.  Johanna and John Lucas have been persecuted and jailed by corrupt judges and officers of the court for 14 years. I am not the only one in Saskatchewan who believes what John Lucas has been saying about Justice Hrabinsky and Brian Dueck.  I am not the only one that was outraged after hearing the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan.  Eight year old twin girls left to be raped for four years is not something that Saskatchewan Justice or the people of Saskatchewan should be proud about. The people responsible for this and the continuing cover-up are still working for Saskatchewan Justice.


Mr Justice Allbright and Mr Justice Krueger requested the Chief Justice of Saskatchewan and Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench have the Lucas case removed from the jurisdiction of The Court of Queens Bench. The prosecutor was asked by Justice Allbright in February 2004, “do you really intend on proceeding with this matter”. All the judges are not corrupt.


I have researched back to the mid eighties when the Progressive Conservative Party was in power in Saskatchewan.  Nicolas Stooshinoff was a former president of the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party. This party is now called the Saskatchewan Party. The NDP took power in Saskatchewan just at the height of the Satanic Ritual Cult hysteria.  Religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services were jailing people in Saskatchewan.  The NDP did nothing about this. The NDP and NDP justice ministers over the years have refused the requests to have a public inquiry.  Judges and the very people responsible for charging and jailing innocent people were protecting themselves by using the court to gag and jail Johanna and John Lucas.  What the Lucas’s were saying about Brian Dueck and what was happening to the Ross children in the Thomson foster home was true.  The Ross twins have just received a settlement from the Government of Saskatchewan and no one is held responsible?  A vote for the NDP will result in continued incompetence and a continuation of corruption in Saskatchewan.  A vote for the Saskatchewan Party will result in an increase in government and judicial corruption.


The Lucas case was a corrupt malicious prosecution in retaliation for exposing Saskatchewan Justice to a deserving embarrassment.

James Hunter

The court corruption in Saskatoon is protected by the silence of law professors, lawyers, politicians, editors and most of all by their brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are corrupt judges within the court and the judges within the court know this.

An independent judiciary is essential to confidence in the integrity of our justice system. Judicial independence protects the public, democratic process and the Charter Rights of Canadians. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith have abused the trust of Canadians, they assault the disabled, “fix” the outcome of court proceeding, jail innocent people and protect corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon.

The greatest threat to judicial independence and the Charter Rights of Canadians is the continued silence of brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are a court embarrassment and a embarrassment for the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. The continued silence by the other judges of the court is an abuse of the trust that Canadians have in an independent judiciary.

I am a disabled Canadian with Torsion Dystonia. I may not be able to sit on top of a tree until I have to have a B/M, but I will continue to expose justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith on the internet. I will exercise my Charter Rights of freedom of expression until such time as there is a creditable way for Canadians to report corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatoon, or until a justice of the Court of Queen‘s Bench, a lawyer, a law professor, editor or writer finds the courage to climb a tree.

I am presently being blackmailed by Ron Gall, a Saskatoon lawyer, who thinks that the law is nothing more then a means to protect corrupt judges, politicians and lawyers. A corrupt gang of misfits accountable to no one. Please see my posts on the Star Chamber Proceedings Blog.

I started Blogging in 2004 after discovering the extent of corruption within the legal community and The Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It started with a lawyer named Nicolas Stooshinoff filing a false claim of lien and commencing fraudulent court proceeding under the Saskatchewan Builders Lien Act. He was blackmailing a disabled friend on behalf of Windsor Plywood and Excalibur Construction. Just another Saskatoon lawyer’s scam. I was amazed to discover how well protected these lawyers are by lawyers, judges, politicians, crown prosecutors, Brent Gough, the president of the Saskatchewan Law Society and Justice G A Smith, Court of Queens Bench.

When I first went on a search of the web I was inspired by the courage of other Canadians exposing corrupt courts and politicians and a failed administration of justice in Canada that protects blackmailers and thieves. I was sickened when I read about the Ross children in Saskatoon and the persecution of John and Johanna Lucas. It is good to see that the slanderous lies and remarks about the Lucas's have been removed from injusticebusters.

Canadians from coast to coast are demanding justice in a country corrupted by politicians and the courts. John Lucas, Ms. Joyce Milgaard, Boni Prokopetz and internet sites like Holly's Fight for Justice and just in the news 63 year old Willi Chapman up a tree in BC. They and many others are an inspiration for all Canadians fighting for justice. My disabled friends determination to expose corrupt lawyers ended in Justice G A Smiths court room in Saskatoon, he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Lawyers and Judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith in Saskatoon who assault the disabled and persecute innocent people are protected by citizens who have a belief in the courts, truth and fairness.

Democracies rely on the trust people have in the administration of justice. The stronger their trust is, the stronger the democratic society is, and the more likely it is that the citizens will be deceived and betrayed by corrupt judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith.


October 2007.  I have had a good summer.  I am getting ready for another Saskatchewan winter. I will be making some changes to the Star Chamber Proceedings Blog and Star Chamber Proceedings main site starting in November.   I will be concentrating mainly on the following:

What happened to the Ross Children in Saskatchewan.  This is a story that needs to be told. The Ross children, their mother and Donald White were the victims of a sick and corrupt Saskatchewan administration of justice. One only needs to look at the Ross, Ross & White satanic child abuse case to see that if someone besides Johanna Lucas had the courage to speak out there would not have been a continuation of fools rushing in, there would not have been a Martensville Scandal, a Kvello/Klassen scandal and years later the Vopni Family nightmare.  Everyone who knew the truth about the satanic ritual child abuse cases and did nothing to help the Ross Children and Johanna Lucas need to realise that it is never to late.  There is no reason to fear retaliation, they would be to embarrassed and would stay silent like Justice Paul Hrabinsky.

The cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice and the Government of Saskatchewan. The Ross, Ross & White case was the result of religious fanatics in charge of Social Services and within the Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatoon prosecutors office.   The only evidence of guilt was created by the judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in their written judgement containing page after page of sick perverted fancies of sex with children.   All the people involved had one thing in common.  They got their jollies with their self created scandal of sex with children and duped a trusting public. With the help of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix the public was duped into believing the people they were maliciously prosecuting were guilty of unbelievable crimes against children. Its easy to dupe people when babies have been barbecued and eaten.   The more trusting the people are, the easier it is for the authorities to violate their trust.  Most of these people still work for the Government of Saskatchewan, teaching at the Saskatoon Collage of Law, have been retired or appointed as judges. 

I believe there is a behind closed doors clean up taking place within Saskatchewan Justice.  Justices of The Court of Queen’s Bench have been speaking their minds in open court. One judge has paid a price for this, he was defamed and slandered in a written judgment by a Court of Appeal judge.  Reminds me of the Court of Appeal judge who told Johanna Lucas lawyer to “sit down, shut up, and do not say another word” when her lawyer voiced his concerns about Saskatchewan Justice.   Nothing more then a proud contemptuous arrogant angry old fools contempt for the Rule of Law.  The non-appointment of a religious nut-case judge from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada was the first indication that the Federal Government was concerned about the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.  Court of Queen’s Bench justice John Klebuc was appointed on October 2, 2006 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as Saskatchewan’s eighth chief justice in a clear and obvious snub to the sitting judges of the Court of Appeal.   Its Saskatchewan’s turn next for a appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada and there could not be a better choice then the Honourable Mr. Justice John Klebuc.  A senior justice official requested and was recently demoted and appointed by the Minister of Justice as a Provincial Court Judge.  This could have more to do with the upcoming election then a lost cause for a Queen‘s Bench appointment. Reminds me of the Grant Devine days and the appointment of Justice Lane.

Q. B. 616 of 2007.  I will be writing about what happened to Johanna Lucas. She was jailed for trying to get some help for the Ross Children.  The 8 year Ross Twins were knowingly left to be raped for four years in a Saskatoon foster home with the full knowledge of the Saskatoon Police, Saskatchewan Social Services and the Government of Saskatchewan when Johanna Lucas was gagged by court order and maliciously prosecuted and jailed with the help of Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Brian Dueck and the religious fools in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.  

Windsor Plywood Builders Lien Scam.  I will be rewriting about this and posting documents in a shorter and more organised form.   The Blog posts will stay the same.  I will also be rewriting what happened to my mother and I as a result of my reporting Nicolas Stooshinoff and the manager of Windsor Plywood to the Saskatoon Police. Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Madam Justice Dovell with the help of Stooshinoff, Audrey Brent and Lynne Greenhorn are responsible for putting my mother in an early grave and myself into a wheel chair.   I feel sorry for these middle sexed misfits. My illness has distorted my face muscles, anger has distorted theirs. I have not had to use my wheelchair for the past 3 1/2 months.  There is not much that can be said about Justice Hrabinsky that is not already been posted on a growing number of web sites including The very fact that the Crown stayed a charge of defaming justice Hrabinsky by calling him a piece of human excrement on a poster in front of The Court of Queen’s Bench speaks for itself.   The fact that he is being allowed to hear cases involving sex with children is disgusting. 

Saskatoon Credit Union balloon payment loan.   I would like to hear from people scammed by the Credit Union.  My e-mail address is on the Blog.


Years ago there was talk within the biker community about the president of the former Rebels Motorcycle Club running for elected office.  The former president is now a elected member of the Saskatchewan Legislature.  The talk within the biker community now is that the former president was only doing some work for the club. Only in Saskatchewan.  Have a good look into past history before you vote in Saskatoon.  A change of government may not be in your best interest.


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