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Abuse of Power = Criminal Code Violations


Serious criminal code violations by officers of the court in Saskatchewan are routinely protected from prosecution. Reporting the criminal actions of officers of the court in Saskatchewan will result in a hand full of corrupt judges, politicians and officers of the court persecuting, slandering, blackmailing, lying, perjuring themselves and they do it openly without any accountability.

When the criminal activates of officers of the court are found to be true they are ignored by Saskatchewan justice and judges. The article by Betty Ann Adam of The StarPhoenix on November 30, 2006 is a good example.

As in the past, it is the select few who have the money to proceed in court, or have the support of others, that receive a payout from Saskatchewan Justice. The officers of the court in the article have engaged in illegal and serious criminal code violations. We are all witnesses to the case of Brian Dueck and Justice Baynton’s judgement. Justice Baynton’s judgement has serious errors. This is I believe a result of his anger and frustration in having to decide a case where the main players like social workers and the Thompsons can use the law to protect themselves from testifying and the people in charge of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services are allowed to avoid answering questions because of their convenient memory loss.

Blackmailers, thieves and criminals no longer only enter the Court Of Queens Bench by the back door in handcuffs. They enter by the front door and the judges chambers. They are protected by a law degree from the University of Saskatchewan Collage of Law and the law society in Saskatoon. There is a division within the courts in Saskatchewan. The religious nut-cases in one corner, the blackmailers and thieves in the other and the silent majority in the middle.

The silent majority may not be able to speak out but their actions speak louder then words. The appointment of John Klebuc as Saskatchewan’s chief justice. Two Queen’s Bench judges asking for a outside, or a justice of the Court of Appeal, to hear the John Lucas case involving the alleged defaming of Justice Paul Hrabinsky because they did not believe Mr Lucas would receive a fair trial in Saskatchewan after the trial judge, and the former chief justice, were caught red handed fixing the outcome of Mr Lucas’s upcoming jury trial. The last remaining charge against John Lucas was stayed by the Crown. This is understandable when one looks at what happened to Crown prosecutor, Matthew Miazga. One could conclude that there is an effort being made behind closed doors to clean the corrupt, the blackmailers and thieves out of Saskatchewan justice.

The illegal activities of officers of the court does not result in criminal charges? What is going on within Saskatchewan justice? What has a payment for punitive damages got to do with assault and the lies of police officers in sworn documents and testimony in a Saskatchewan court room by officers of the court. The judgement was an abuse of power.

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