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Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello

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Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello

The decision from the Supreme Court of Canada is as unbelievable as were the first charges against the Ross children’s parents. I can understand that some of the new judges may not have the past history of the case and all the related cases that have been heard by the Supreme Court over the years.  After reading the first paragraph of the decision it looks like these judges are lying.  The Chief Justice knows the information is not true. The court is taking advantage of Canadians lack of knowledge of the case.  The Canadian media knows the truth and cannot continue to stay silent now that no one can say, “no comment as it‘s before the courts“.   

If you are a RCMP officer, or Brian Dueck, a former disgraced Saskatoon police officer the court will allow you to knowingly lie under oath in a court of law.   We are now going to allow the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada to knowingly lie to Canadians. Are hockey players the only ones not allowed to lie in a Canadian Court room?

The decision is a mockery of justice.  The decision has nothing to do with any of the people involved except the Ross children.  There is no justice for anyone when the court manipulates the evidence to protect itself from embarrassment. Keep the public from finding out the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan. What the courts and administration of justice did to these children is sick and perverted along with the people responsible.   Miazga is not, and never was one of them.

Matthew Miazga was a victim just like the Ross children, Johanna Lucas, Richard Klassen and his family, Dennis Kvello and his family, Donald Leo Ross, Helen Susan Ross and Donald George White.

Judge heads to appeal court, lawyer named judge in Saskatoon

The Leader-Post
Published: Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Regina judge has been appointed to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, while a local lawyer will become a new Court of Queen's Bench judge in Saskatoon.

The federal Justice Department made the announcements late Friday afternoon.

Justice Darla C. Hunter will replace Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff on the province's top court. Sherstobitoff has elected to become a supernumerary -- or part-time -- judge.

Hunter received a Bachelor of Laws in 1977 and was admitted to the bar the following year. From 1981 until her appointment to the Court of Queen's Bench in 1990, she practised with MacPherson Leslie Tyerman in the Regina office litigation department.

Meanwhile Ralph Ottenbreit, a partner with Robertson Stromberg Pedersen law firm in Regina, has been appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench. He received a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1975 and was admitted to the bar a year later. His practice area is criminal and civil litigation and family law.

Ottenbreit will fill the Court of Queen's Bench position vacated by Justice John Klebuc, who was named chief justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal last year.

© The Leader-Post (Regina) 2007

November 24, 2006

Judge Turpel-Lafond

It is a great day for the people of British Columbia, and all the children in B.C. As the truth of what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan becomes public knowledge Saskatchewan people will understand why the loss of judge Turpel-Lafond to British Columbia is another sad day for Saskatchewan children and the people of Saskatchewan who have a belief in justice for all.

The Victoria Times Colonist has confirmed that Saskatchewan Provincial court judge, Ms. Turpel-Lafond, will receive final approval by the British Columbia legislature this afternoon as the first representative for children and youth. Ms. Turpel-Lafond will be a independent officer of the British Columbia legislature under a new act that created an advocate for children and families. She will monitor public agencies, and investigate and report on the deaths of children in care.

Sadly Canadians have turn a blind eye to these cases until the child is dead, and then sit on their asses until the next dead child is reported in the media. There are people in Canada who are no longer sitting on their asses. Please visit the Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Site.

"It takes a woman to clean house"

Judge's nudge badly needed

The Star Phoenix News, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Opinion: January 13, 1999
The judge who ordered the government to develop a community-based treatment program for a 12-year-old arsonist with fetal alcohol syndrome instead of jailing the girl deserves kudos for the decision.

In a province that locks up more of its young than any other jurisdiction in North America, Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond's ruling addresses a problem ignored for too long.

With research showing that nearly 50 per cent of young persons being ground through Saskatchewan's justice mill each year - a vast majority of them aboriginal youths - suffer from some form of FAS, it's to be hoped that Turpel-Lafond's decision finally will spur some action from government.

The predictable and tiresome accusation of "judicial activism" has again reared its ugly head in the wake of the ruling, with critics arguing that the girl should have been locked up for public safety, not let loose on the community.

Those who took the time to read the judgment or acquaint themselves with the effects of FAS, however, would agree that Turpel-Lafond's ruling was the better course of action in the long run and one that should serve as a model in other cases involving FAS-damaged youths.

"Community protection is not served by temporary warehousing of FAS children in secure custodial facilities because ... in all likelihood they will return to the community in worse condition," Turpel-Lafond said.

She worried that the youth, only identified as ML, would bond with anti-social peers and, "given her suggestibility, she will be ripe for participation in further criminal activity at the direction of a more sophisticated youth or group of youths she'll meet in secure custody."

As experts made it abundantly clear to the court, children such as ML who develop FAS as a result of their mothers consuming alcohol during pregnancy have no regard for the consequences of their actions.

Although they know right from wrong, they cannot relate cause to an effect. Therefore, the principles of deterrence and social denunciation that underpin incarceration don't apply to offenders with FAS. The goal of rehabilitation also doesn't apply, because FAS is a lifelong, physical neurological disability.

Turpel-Lafond found that ML, like so many others with FAS, needs education programming, pro-social activities, help to make positive contact with peers and family and a high level of supervision to help her rehearse and learn good behaviour in a social context.

Such mechanisms that help FAS kids to live with their disability effectively cannot be delivered in closed-custody, the court learned.

While FAS children learn to perform well in the structured custody setting, they have no ability to continue their behaviour once they regain their freedom. The case of Serena Nicotine, another FAS youth who performed well in lock-up but went on to kill the operator of the open custody home to which she was released, is a prime example.

Turpel-Lafond made it plain that jailing disabled children who severely lack education, socialization and life skills, instead of providing the resources needed to help them cope, is neither reasonable nor just.

It's something that our politicians have known all along but have so far avoided addressing, perhaps because they think it will cost too much.

Now, facing a court order that requires it to come up with a program for one youth within 45 days and similar edicts from other judges soon bound to follow, the government will be pressed to do what it should have done long ago, not just in the interest of the youths involved but for public safety in the long run.


Citation: 2006 SKCA 135 Date: 20061204

Between: Docket: 1183

Her Majesty the Queen


- and -

R v. Terry Todd Weiman



Vancise, Lane & Jackson JJ.A.


W. Dean Sinclair for the Appellant

Respondent not present


From: 2006 SKQB 130

Heard: December 4, 2006

Disposition: Allowed (orally)

Written Reasons: December 6, 2006

By: The Honourable Mr. Justice Vancise

In Concurrence: The Honourable Mr. Justice Lane

The Honourable Madam Justice Jackson Page 1

Vancise J.A. (orally)

[1] The Crown appeals the decision of Albright J. setting aside a decision of Ebert PCJ who found the respondent Weiman guilty of care and control of a motor vehicle while his blood alcohol concentration exceeded 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, contrary to ss. 253(b) and 255(1) of the Criminal Code.

[2] The respondent did not appear on the return date of the appeal. A review of the file indicates that the notice of appeal and a copy of the factum filed with this Court were served on the respondent. He was also notified by the Registrar of this Court that the hearing would take place on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. The Court heard the Crown’s submissions in the respondent’s absence after verifying that he was not in the court house.

[3] We are all agreed that the appeal must be allowed for the reasons advanced by the Crown in its factum. The Crown need prove only one fact, that is, the accused “occupied the seat or position ordinarily occupied by the person who operates a motor vehicle.”1 The trial judge found the Crown proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the respondent was occupying the seat ordinarily occupied by the person who operates the motor vehicle and therefore the presumption of care and control of a motor vehicle provided for in s. 258(1)(a) of the Code was engaged. The trial judge further found that the respondent failed to rebut the presumption and as a result found him guilty as charged.

1 See: R. v. Shuparski, [2003] 6 W.W.R. 428 (Sask. C.A.). Page 2

[4] Not only was the decision of the trial judge correct in the circumstances, it was the only possible decision.

[5] The appeal is allowed and the judgment of the Provincial Court restored.

The Wench Before The Bench
By Attorney Hardy M. Parkerson,

The judge ascends his lofty bench,
Calls first case, a lowly wench.
The whore just winks, begins to smile;
She thinks she knows him; it's been a while.

"Why, you're a judge!" the whore exclaims;
"It's been a while ... forgot your name."
The D.A. struggles to choose his terms;
The courtroom giggles, the judge just squirms.

"Order! Order! in this court!"
Cries the judge who sits and snorts.
His face is red, his ears like embers;
That night in the motel he still remembers.

The judge exclaims, "You are confused!"
"No, no, Judge, it was you!
How well I remember the night we met.
Why, Judge, how could I ever forget?"

"Quiet! Quiet! Young lady, if you will;
Mr. Prosecutor, please now read the bill!"
"Judge, I shall, if you insist;
But first please take a look at this."

The judge's head begins to shake.
"A short recess this court will take.
You're free to go, Jury Members.
Defendant will please meet His Honor in Chambers!"

Court resumes, case dismissed.
Defendant blows the judge a kiss.
And whispers, "Mr. D.A., I think we've met."
The D.A. just wipes his brow of sweat.

Throughout the morning the docket moves;
The thief goes to jail, the truant to school.
High from the bench above us all
Such fine men dispense the law.

Attorney Hardy M. Parkerson

Public Eye Online - The Prairie Invasion

Newspaper needed in Saskatoon.

The Saskatchewan version v. The Vancouver Sun version

The Saskatchewan version
'Unthinkable' Girl, 12, guilty of torching woman
RCMP criticized for inadequate investigation of case

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix online version:
Jason Warick, Saskatchewan News Network
Published: Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crown prosecutor Robert Lane said he thinks RCMP did a good job, particularly the local officers. He said the Crown is also responsible for the thoroughness of any investigation.”

The Vancouver Sun version:
Jason Warick, CanWest News Service; Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Published: Saturday, February 17, 2007
Sask. girl guilty of setting drunk woman on fire

In the La Ronge hospital, the woman told police five friends of hers had tried to take off her pants and rape her, and set her clothes on fire. A rape examination kit was taken, but never processed.

Clothing, a soda can and soil samples were seized from the scene but were never tested for fire accelerants, Tucker noted. Finger nail scrapings were taken from various male suspects but were never tested.

Tucker said police neglected to take these steps because they seemed "totally directed" on the girl. "The police never bothered to investigate the possibility (others were involved)," he said.

We need a newspaper in Saskatoon


James Driskell - Justice Hrabinsky - Nazism and the KKK

Winnipeg Free Press Published: Thursday, February 15, 2007

WINNIPEG - Police and prosecutors involved in the 1991 James Driskell wrongful conviction withheld evidence from the defence, conspired to mislead the jury and allowed a star witness to commit perjury, a judicial inquiry into the case has concluded.

No one is being held accountable.  These are serious criminal code offences.

Another judicial inquiry that details the illegal activates of the police and prosecutors in Canada. In Saskatchewan it is the police, Crown prosecutors and justice Hrabinsky and his pals that protects their illegal actions. Police officers protecting corrupt police officers.  Prosecutors protecting prosecutors. Court of Appeal Judges protecting corrupt judges.  Politicians protecting politicians. When their illegal actions are questioned by the Saskatchewan public an Alberta police department, or judge is enlisted to add some credibility to the corrupted investigations and wrongful convictions.

When all else fails the feeble and weak within the legal community are appoint as a judge of The Court of Queens Bench to do the dirty work of corrupt candy-ass judges. The Saskatchewan court system is full of political failures. Saskatchewan has a political/judicial gang within the courts of Saskatchewan.  It protects the judicial and civil service corruption by intimidation and persecution in the manner of Nazism and the KKK.

The government of Canada has a responsibility to protect the people of Canada from corruption. Last I heard the people of Saskatchewan were Canadian citizens.   Where is the federal justice department, or is it as corrupted as Saskatchewan Justice?

Father Loses Custody Battle

Using Section 8 of “The Children’s law Act”, to Sanctify a Kidnapping

SOS Josh Hunt Rally

 Written by
Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Family and supporters will be kicking off the SOS Josh Hunt Safety Award and then walking in a silent march approx 15 blocks to the Alberta Legislature on March 10, 2007 at 2 P.M. (starting in front of City Hall) to officially deliver all petitions to MP Mike Lake and MLA Dan Backs.  Details at Vision For

A brighter future for B.C. children

Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

Turpel-Lafond's proposal for a long-term plan by July means new hope for children in care Times Colonist
Published: Thursday, March 08, 2007

We're counting the positive words from both the Liberals and the New Democrats as commitments. By July, B.C. should have a plan to improve children's lives, focusing on those at greatest risk of bleak futures.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the province's new representative for children and youth, called for a long-term plan this week.

It should set a limited number of major objectives for the next five to 10 years, she proposed.

And the plan should include specific ongoing performance targets so her office can report publicly on how well the effort is working.

The idea shouldn't be controversial. Providing all children with the best chance to make a success of their lives should be a fundamental commitment for any government, no matter what party is in power.

But that hasn't happened in British Columbia. Children who spend time in the care of the government, by any measure, start their adult lives at a severe disadvantage.

Teen pregnancies are rare today. For 18-year-olds, the rate is about one in 50. But children in care are four times as likely to become pregnant at 18, a problem for them and their children.

Girls of 16 and 17 in care are 12 times as likely to be hospitalized for a suicide attempt as their counterparts. For teenage boys in care, the attempted suicide rate was 14 times higher than their peers.

Turpel-Lafond said a coming report on children in care and education will reveal almost three out of four aren't finishing high school, which in today's society means a life of struggle.

Across all the measurements the some 9,000 children in care lag badly.

There will likely always be gaps. Children end up in care because of problems, often serious ones. They can't all be addressed

But we don't have gaps today. We have chasms, gulfs so wide that we are creating another generation of children destined to struggle as their parents did.

A plan, with realistic benchmarks, is badly needed. The Ministry of Children and Families' annual performance plans have twisted and turned and the measurements that are supposed to allow the public to judge ministry performance have changed constantly.

The latest ministry plan, part of last month's budget, includes just nine measures, covering little ground. When the ministry has failed to make improvements -- as in the percentage of children entering kindergarten with the needed skills -- it has simply rewritten the plan with lower objectives.

Governments might argue that it simply costs too much to help children in care, but this kind of planning would at least require a clear consideration of the costs and the benefits.

Turpel-Lafond's proposal was welcomed by Children and Families Minister Tom Christensen and NDP critic Maurine Karagianis.

So on with the work. By July, British Columbians can expect -- and should demand -- a clear public plan, with equally clear benchmarks, for children in the province.

© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

Canadian soldier charged with manslaughter

This is wrong.

Canada has the best troops in the world. They did not get their training in Canada. They received their training on the job, peace keeping .  They have been sent into war zones, poorly and improperly equipped and mentally unprepared for the horrors they were about to witness.

Support for the troops does not end when they return to Canada dead or alive.

Master Corporal Jeffrey Scott Walsh’s family needs the same support from Canadians as Master Corporal Robbie Fraser and his family.  The search for truth and closure for these families can not be found with criminal charges. I think if Jeffrey Walsh was alive today he would give the Department of National Defence Minister a gentle whack on the back of the head.

The Saskatoon Dad's
Steak Night
Come dine with the internationally known father fighting for his child
Adam Hendricks the Saskatoon dad that can't be named.

Date: Sunday April 29, 2007
Where: 4 Seasons Restaurant
909 Arcola Ave. E.
Regina, Sask.
Time: 6 pm - 9pm
Tickets: 20.00 per person (beverage included)

Dinner Includes: 8 oz. Rib Eye
Roasted Potatoes
Caesar Salad
Garlic Toast

For more information or to purchase tickets please contact one of the following:
Brenda H 306-924-0934
Lorena G 306-957-2007

Old poster

Old poster
Hathway court 004

CTV W5 Episode: Sexual Predators.

In England in 1968 a Irish man asked me if I was a Canadian. He had recognised my package of Canadian cigarettes. For about an hour this WW2 veteran talked non-stop about the respect he had for Canada and Canadian soldiers. I asked him why Catholics and Protestants were killing each other in Ireland and England. He asked me if it was true children were being sexually abused in North America.

He told me that most people in Ireland believed all the ministers and priests were homosexual. I told him that pedophiles were well organized in Canada. Their club houses had crosses on the roofs and no one talked about it.

During the late eighties and early nineties the people of Saskatoon were duped. Saskatoon was overcome by the satanic ritual child abuse hysteria. Religious extremists were intrigued by their own fancies and created scandals regarding sex with children.

Three seriously dysfunction Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) children were placed in the control of seriously dysfunction religious extremists. The eight year old Ross Twins were left to be raped for four years in a Saskatoon foster home with the full knowledge of social workers, police officers, Crown prosecutors, judges, politicians and the news media.

Saskatchewan Social Services was on the hunt for white child victims of satanic ritual sex abuse to be placed in the Thompson special foster home. This was because of Canada’s shameful history of sexual abuse of Aboriginal children and the attitude of Canadians, what the f**k they are only Indians. The satanic ritual abuse of white children was headline news in Saskatoon. Everyone was talking.

Johanna Lucas picketed the Saskatoon Police Station after receiving no help from the authorities. She was arrested, gagged by court order and jailed, for trying to inform the public about the on going rape of 8 year old girls in a Saskatoon foster home. Her husband was arrested the following day, gagged by court order, and jailed. The Saskatchewan courts have gagged and sealed the rape of children in Canada. The cover-up of the rape of 8 year old girls extended to the highest court in Canada.

John Lucas placed thousands of posters in downtown Saskatoon and no one helped the children. Within one hour of his release from his 18 month sentence he was placing posters on both sides of forth avenue during the Saskatoon Police Service pancake breakfast. The police officers made no attempt to stop him. One of their own had left children to be raped. They would have cooked him up a stack of pancakes if not for the fear of retaliation. Everyone knew the truth, no one talked about it.

RCMP officer Robert Reid, after blowing the whistle on alleged corruption at the Canadian mission in Hong Kong in the early 1990s was suspended by the RCMP shortly after he went public. The RCMP suspend Reid for what the force called "disgraceful behaviour." Officers must keep their oath of secrecy.

Lee Chau Ping, a notorious drug trafficker known as the Ice Queen got on a plane in Hong Kong. She was headed for Canada after posing as a businesswoman ready to invest $170,000 in a Chicken Delight franchise in LaRonge, a small northern Saskatchewan community. A Saskatchewan father shot and killed a drug dealer after receiving no help for his young daughter from the authorities. Are we going to start shooting pedophiles next?

The Wilfred Hathway RCMP Mr Big sting case in Saskatoon has been gagged by the Saskatchewan courts to protect the names of undercover RCMP officers. In BC the RCMP lost a high-profile case against one of its own officers when a panel shut down a disciplinary hearing because the force failed to follow proper guidelines. The decision means that a named RCMP Constable will not have to defend himself against RCMP allegations that he behaved in a "disgraceful manner" by buying sex with underage children. Twelve year olds were beaten, humiliated and dumped in the streets in Prince George. Everyone knows the name of the RCMP officer in BC and the name of the judge in the same case who pleaded guilty to sex crimes against children.

A public hearing is underway in Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench regarding the RCMP Mr big sting and Mr Hathway’s Charter Rights. If a RCMP officer accused of sex crimes against children is allowed to testify in Saskatoon without having his name cleared it is not just Mr Hathway’s Charter rights that are at issue.

Sorry, we mustn’t talk about the history of sexual abuse of children in Canada. I saw Canada’s shame on the faces of the men in the CTV pedophile story.

Nice man, his neighbours say

Cindy E. Harnett, Times Colonist
Published: Sunday, April 22, 2007
He's known as Randy to his neighbours, a nice man who has lived for the past couple of years with a well-known Victoria child and youth psychologist in a house on a dead-end street full of mansions, lush gardens and longtime residents.

But what some of those neighbours didn't know until this week is that Randy is also the Dr. Charles Smith appearing in newspapers across the country, accused of making mistakes in 20 child-death cases in Ontario -- errors that may have resulted in the wrongful convictions of 13 people. The B.C. Coroners Service has launched its own review of Smith's role in a 1997 child-death investigation on Vancouver Island.

"It's quite a shocker for everyone around," said one neighbour yesterday, asking not to be identified.

At his rancher-style house, where a burgundy Jeep and silver Corvette with an expired licence plate sat in the pine-needle-strewn driveway, the window blinds were drawn shut yesterday. Phone calls were not answered.

Neighbours say Smith, who helped shovel driveways during the past winter's snowstorms, has commuted between Victoria and Saskatchewan for some time. The pathologist is registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Saskatchewan, but is not licensed to practise medicine in B.C.

After Smith resigned as chief pediatric psychologist at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, he moved to Saskatoon, but was terminated by the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority from Saskatoon City Hospital following a year-long contract as a surgical pathologist.

He was reinstated last year, however, after an appeals tribunal ruled he had been unfairly fired and that he was well qualified for his job.

Neighbours describe Smith and partner Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater, director of the Centre for Youth and Society at the University of Victoria, as a nice and "busy" working couple.

Leadbeater, who has led workshops on working as a children's advocate, maintains a small clinical practice focused on children, youth and families, according to her website. She was expected to be in Winnipeg over the weekend.

The couple, who both have children from previous marriages, have a dog and a cat and are known to residents who have lived on the block for decades as the "new neighbours."

© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007
The "new neighbours."

Ont. calls public inquiry with subpoena powers into Dr. Charles Smith's cases

Canadian Press

Published: Monday, April 23, 2007

How can the Saskatoon Dad expect a fair decision from this court?

The publication ban prevent me from commenting on this case. The warning from Justice Gary Lane below is a good indication that the court is not going to put up with this father protecting his rights and the rights of his child in Canada.
The Saskatoon Dad was criticized by justice Lane for making "offensive" comments on his web site that breached a publication ban, saying the remarks are "not helping his case."

The lower court case was nothing more than a slanderous racist atrocity designed to protect the courts failure in protecting the United Nations rights of a child. This is not the first time The Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan has abused their power by protecting incompetence within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. 
"In my view, the best interests of the child would be served by maintaining contact with the natural father pending the appeal." wrote Justice Gary Lane. Lane said there was "some indication that matters had been delayed" by the father  and visits would not begin until the appeal was perfected.  This comes from a judge who has a history of protecting Saskatchewan’s court atrocities along with Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff and Justice Vancise. They are delaying the decision in The Kvello v. Miazga Appeal

Is the delay because Brian Dueck did not continue with his appeal of the Baynton decision and was not charged.  Also, the secret payoff of the Ross Twins by Saskatchewan Justice.  What started as a cover-up of the Ross, Ross & White case by a hand full of religious extremists and corrupt judges has ballooned into a string of hot-air gas smelling judgements over the years from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.  It has now reached the stage of protecting the incompetent lemmings at the expense of the rights of a child.


Sask. man granted visitation with biological son in bitter custody dispute

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 | 9:06 AM CT
The Canadian Press

A Saskatchewan man embroiled in a bitter custody dispute with another couple over his biological son has won the right to visit with the toddler, but is being warned about his behaviour.

A judge has ruled the Saskatoon man, who cannot be identified, can see the child for one hour every second Monday.

"In my view, the best interests of the child would be served by maintaining contact with the natural father pending the appeal," wrote Justice Gary Lane.

However, Lane said there was "some indication that matters had been delayed" by the man and that the visits would not begin until the appeal was perfected — meaning he has to provide the necessary materials and the process has to move forward.

At the heart of the case is a little boy, whose biological mother gave up custody to a Prince Albert couple.

The biological father had argued that the deal was made without his consent.

In January, a court gave custody of the boy to the Prince Albert couple.

At the time, the judge said the biological father was capable of providing a positive adult presence in the baby's life, but not in a parental role.

In the written ruling released Monday, Lane rejected the man's request for two-hour visits once a week.

A lawyer for the biological father could not be reached for comment Monday.

Dale Blenner-Hassett, the lawyer representing the Prince Albert couple, said they were pleased with the decision.

He noted that the couple had offered limited visitation until the appeal is heard.

Publication ban breached

"The court was concerned that if it granted access to the appellant that he might take that access — and then knowing his chances are very, very slim on appeal — might delay or go very slowly through the steps of the appeal process," said Blenner-Hassett.

"What the court has done here is said we're going to give you some access, but we expect you to proceed swiftly."

Blenner-Hassett also pointed out that Lane noted the father breached a publication ban by making "offensive" comments about the Prince Albert couple on a website.

"The website is just chock full of some very, very nasty and unneeded attacks against our clients, which served nobody's purpose," said Blenner-Hassett.

In the ruling, Lane criticized the father for his comments against the Prince Albert couple, saying the remarks are "not helping his case."

"He has every right to argue against any policy he disagrees with … but dragging the matter down to the level of personal attacks is of no benefit to anyone," said Lane.

© The Canadian Press, 2007

I was asked by the PA lawyer (Blenner-Hassert) to write an apology regarding my web site... is offline.

You have taken my son, and now you attempt to take my freedom of expression and opinion. I cant help but wonder what you meant when you stated on News Talk radio that the dad "is fighting an uphill battle" and that the dad "can bring it on". You couldn't handle what I had to bring. The only 'truth' to the public is gone, so now PLEASE let Ruth and I see him, all I ever wanted was his right to be with his daddy.

It would be extremely appreciated if you could find the heart to send me a birthday picture of my son.

I can not and will not apologize in the way you want me to. You keep saying that your clients are reasonable and good people, therefore, PLEASE LET MY SON SEE ME!

I still believe my son never should have left the hospital and with that they should have never had the opportunity to bond with him.

However, there are a few apologies I would like to make.

- to my fiancéé Ruth, for having to put our wedding planes on hold while our finances went to the lawyers, and for me being distant and placing my son first before us... I love you Ruth.

- to my family, I apologize that my quest for justice has put your lives in the media spotlight. Again, I have put my son first and I feel so bad that your first images of my son were found on the PA couples web site. It still doesn't seem right that they continue to call him their son.

- to my mom, I'm sorry you have only seen your grandson only once for 2 hours in the past year. You're right, it is not fair for someone else to tell you when you can see your grandson.

- to my sister and her family, who have never been allowed to meet my son, your daughters will just have to save his Christmas and birthday presents.

- to my brother and his family, who also have never meet my son.

- to my dad, an apology that can never be made, who was not told I was going to be a dad and he a new grandpa. (she never told me she was pregnant when she consoled me in the days after your death She was 3 months pregnant)

- to my aunt, who said before she died of cancer, "Now I won't get to see 'Adams' son".

- to the maternal grandmother, whose two daughters, still to this day, will not talk to her because she tipped off the father. Thank you, you have paid the ultimate price by informing me. She has also not seen her grandson and never will unless I get him.

- to my son, Daddy's sorry for missing your first Halloween,Christmas, New Year, Easter, first words, first steps and your first birthday.

I guess I do have lots to apologize for.

I love and miss my son. I love my family.

Adam Heinricks

(The Saskatoon Dad)

Fight for baby Liam  Dufferin VOCA

May. 28, 2007

Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

JANE ANN MORRISON: Judge just doesn't see failure to treat people with dignity, respect

The District Judge Elizabeth Halverson saga is starting to creep beyond the borders of Nevada and into the California news media, while locally the docudrama is the first thing many of us read each day. When they make a TV special of it, I'd like to suggest a name: Power and Paranoia.

Halverson spent nine years as a fairly lowly law clerk. (I always assumed the 425-pound woman, according to her driver's license, stayed as long as she could for the county's health insurance coverage.) After she was fired, she ran for one judgeship, lost, but in 2006 won on her second try.

Before long, stories started coming out of the Regional Justice Center about her contemptuous behavior toward her staff, particularly her bailiff, Johnny Jordan. Halverson, who had never had real power, was relishing it, throwing a pencil on the floor and ordering him to pick it up. Jordan was ordered to give her foot rubs and back massages. He has since filed a complaint against his former boss alleging discrimination based on sex and race. He is black and says she treated him like a "house boy."

Her court clerk, Katherine Streuber, said the judge's behavior was "vile, angry, degrading to anyone within her path." Streuber also objected to being called "the evil one" and "the anti-Christ" by the judge. (We in the news business hear that every other day, but courthouse employees are unaccustomed.)

Court officials realized they were going to be slapped with multiple lawsuits alleging hostile work environment if no action was taken. Three judges were asked to help Halverson, Family Court Judge Art Ritchie and District Judges Stewart Bell and Sally Loehrer.

A memo details an April 6 meeting between Halverson and the three judges:

• She's told it's inappropriate to have staff rub her feet or her back. Her answer: She'd told the bailiff to stop that, that he'd become too familiar with her.

• She's told she should not require staff to show up at 6:45 a.m. to wait for her arrival at 8 or 8:30 a.m. Her answer: She'd told the bailiff not to come early, but he wouldn't listen.

• She's told she should not have staff make her lunch. Answer: The bailiff wants to make her lunch.

• She's told there are 20-25 orders missing. Answer: She's shocked.

• She's told it's unethical to make statements showing bias against attorneys, particularly those who didn't give to her campaign. Answer: Yes, she said it, but since nobody gave her money for her campaign, she's not discriminating against anyone.

• She's told the demeaning way she talks to her husband, Ed, referring to him as a "bitch" (and worse), is offensive to staff. Answer: She doesn't know why that would upset the staff, but the solution is to have him not come to her chambers.

• Told she should treat people with dignity and respect, Halverson said she didn't know specifically what she was doing wrong.

After she answered every allegation made against her, Judge Bell told her, "If you can't see it, you can't fix it. Get some psychological help."

On April 12, the three judges tried to meet with Halverson again at 4:30 p.m. She was in a civil nonjury trial. The three judges waited until 6 p.m. before leaving. Later, the judges said they confirmed her trial was over, but she waited in the courtroom until she confirmed they had departed. The judges said Halverson will "falsely" claim she was in trial. Essentially, the judges called her a liar.

Buoyed by power, convinced everyone is against her, Elizabeth Halverson, 49, has achieved what seems to be her heart's desire: She is the center of attention. She's page one news, and she leads the nightly television news.

The voters now know Elizabeth Halverson, but she has 18 months left on the bench before they can vote her out of office. That's too long a wait. The Judicial Discipline Commission, which has the power to remove her from office, cannot confirm if a complaint has been filed. However, I'm told investigators are now working a complaint against her.

Meanwhile, everyone who voted for her can enjoy the circus under the big tent we call the Regional Justice Center.

Jane Ann Morrison's column appears Monday, Thursday and Saturday. E-mail her at or call 383-0275.

Welcome to the Home Site of the DCRally
AUGUST 18, 2007


SaskParty candidate suspended from police job says it's political

Jennifer Graham, Canadian Press Published: Saturday, June 09, 2007

REGINA (CP) - A candidate running for the Saskatchewan Party who was recently suspended from her job as a police officer says the move was politically motivated.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Christine Tell confirmed Friday that she was suspended last month for three days and put on probation for two years.

She questions the timing of the suspension and how the information was leaked.

"Personnel matters are confidential and the Regina police service or the Justice Department needs to answer for that," she said.

"I was relieved from duty back in May as a result of an unrelated matter ... unrelated to the criminal fraud investigation with respect to the NDP caucus," said Tell.

Confidential police reports involving an alleged case of fraud in the NDP caucus 15 years ago ended up in the hands of the Opposition Saskatchewan Party this spring.

The documents provided political fodder for both sides and cost the provincial government house leader his cabinet post.

Meanwhile, the NDP suggested that the SaskParty obtained the reports illegally and was being politically opportunistic by waiting a year before making them public.

The leak has prompted an internal Regina police investigation.

Tell acknowledged the situation looked odd given her job and status as a SaskParty candidate for Regina Wascana Plains.

"I had nothing to do with those release of documents," said Tell. "I know nothing about it."

Tell said she was suspended because she couldn't account for a Canadian Police Information Centre check - essentially a record check - that she did six years ago while working with the child abuse unit.

"It's just so commonplace, it's part of my job," she said.

"I made a lawful check, I've never made an unlawful one, and I could not account for what I made that check for."

Tell said it is the first time she has been placed on suspension in 25 years of service with the Regina police and two years with the Saskatoon force.

A Regina police spokesman said the department does not normally comment on confidential personnel matters.

But since the issue has become public, Inspector Rick Bourassa confirmed the suspension is related to an investigation into improper disclosure of information by police officers and others to a company called Robinson Investigations.

"That investigation was conducted by the RCMP," said Bourassa.

"We received information from the RCMP that implicated one of our members, Christine Tell, in terms of improperly disclosing information."

The suspension is not connected to the fraud investigation or the leaked documents, he said.

But NDP politician Andrew Thomson, who spoke on behalf of the government, said it doesn't matter whether the suspension and the investigation into the leaked documents were connected.

Thomson, the former finance minister, said the issue is about public trust.

"My understanding is (the suspension) has to do with the inappropriate access of personal information through CPIC," said Thomson.

"It really calls into question how it is that she would, in the future, use access to personal information. Obviously government has a significant amount of access to information and we need to be very careful with how that's used."

© The Canadian Press 2007

This is just more hogwash from the Court of Appeal

A friend sent me a copy of what I first thought was a article written by a Star-Phoenix reporter.  Saskatoon news in the Star about our dysfunctional corrupt justice system.  That would be a first. 
The letter to the editor is below, the paragraph below is taken from the letter.

The prosecutor’s office isn’t pursuing the charges against ward for leaving the scene of the accident, failing to heed the four-way stop, dangerous driving causing bodily harm or injury, obstructing justice when refusing the directives of the officer at the scene, fleeing the police and for driving under the influence of alcohol a second time, when he left the scene.

From paragraph 212 of the Kvello/Miazga Appeal.  “It is the police and the police alone who are responsible for the laying of charges.”

This is just more hogwash from the Court of Appeal.  The police officer who investigated Windsor Plywood and Nicolas Stooshinoff for filing a false claim of lien and perjuring themselves in sworn affidavits was afraid to lay charges against a lawyer. It would have been career suicide if he had laid the charges. He said he would leave it up to a prosecutor if charges were laid or not and would only recommend to the prosecutor that charges be laid.

The police officer who investigated a Saskatoon contractor, Wayne Fisher, for scamming Saskatoon homeowners did not believe me when I told him that Mr Fisher was not charged with scamming any of the large number of homeowners who filed police complaints.  A criminal waste of a police officers time and the tax payers money.  Criminal charges laid or not depends on who you know, or blow in Saskatchewan.

Judge Albert Lavoie ring a bell. The Satanic Ritual abuse cases, Ross, Ross & White, Martinsville, persecution of Johanna and John Lucas and the list goes on.  I have always wondered what Lavoie and Miazga were talking about when they had lunch together during the Ross, Ross & White preliminary hearing. Was it sacrificed or barbecued babies.

I am amazed that the Star-Phoenix printed the letter to the editor.  Clearly the editors are not willing to bite the hand that feeds them by writing their own stories about our corrupt administration of justice in Saskatoon.


Justice system poorly handled case of drunk off-duty officer

While off duty on April 16, despite an eight-year tenure with the Saskatoon Police Service, Const. Matthew Ward got behind the wheel of his car while his blood alcohol level was 0.13 (almost twice the legal limit), drove through a four-way stop and slammed into a car with three persons in it.

Then, despite the protestations of a fellow officer called to the scene, he got into his car and drove away from the accident. A mere three weeks later — who says justice is slow! — by negotiation, Ward was handed a “harsh” $750 fine, a year’s loss of licence and a requirement that he attend a substance abuse program for driving with a blood alcohol content over 0.08.

The prosecutor’s office isn’t pursuing the charges against ward for leaving the scene of the accident, failing to heed the four-way stop, dangerous driving causing bodily harm or injury, obstructing justice when refusing the directives of the officer at the scene, fleeing the police and for driving under the influence of alcohol a second time, when he left the scene.

And why would the prosecutors do it? He’s a police officer and they work with cops day in and day out. Is there a conflict of interest here? There is. Should that matter to us? It should. Does it matter to anyone in authority? Presiding Judge Albert Lavoie passed on it. Mayor Don Atchison, head of the police commission, isn’t howling in outrage. No word from our Justice minister in an election year.

Will Chief Clive Weighill, the new broom sweeping our police service clean, do the right thing and punt this officer? It’s been more than six weeks since the sentencing and we’re still waiting to see.
Don Richardson, Saskatoon

July 21, 2007

News: Grading the class of '07
Murray Mandryk, The Leader-Post
Published: Saturday, June 30, 2007

Premier Lorne Calvert's decision a month ago to shuffle his cabinet saw two potential A students -- former finance minister Andrew Thomson and industry and resources Minister Eric Cline -- graduate on to bigger and better things.

The shuffle was also preceded by the removal of Glenn Hagel, whose handling of the 12-year-old NDP caucus fraud fiasco might have merited him a big fat F.

That's left an expanded 20-member NDP cabinet that merited a couple of Bs, too many Cs and Ds and far too many incomplete grades on in its year-end report card.

Premier Lorne Calvert: He'd get a B+ if the grade was on policy and the economy, but a D- if it was on politics and popularity. Full credit to Calvert for the $100-million inner-city housing initiative, the seniors' prescription drug plan and the climate change strategy -- three of the best policy initiatives in the 16 years of this NDP government that were all shepherded by the premier. But the NDP's slippage in the polls can be directly attributed to bad Calvert political decisions on settling with Murdoch Carriere, his disastrous communications strategy (Imagine!) and his questionable cabinet decisions (kicking out Kevin Yates, then putting him back; putting Pat Atkinson in finance). Last year's C is again -- C.

Deputy Premier Clay Serby: It's no small coincidence that the sputtering of Calvert and his NDP government has coincided with Serby's health problems. For the second time in the past four years -- Incomplete.

Finance Minister Pat Atkinson: Perhaps Atkinson's grade should be X for the intangibles that always seem to follow her. With the demise of Cline and Thomson, Atkinson is the strongest political minister -- the only remaining minister the Opposition privately admits scares them. Unfortunately, she also tends to scare those who work for her (one of the reasons she's an especially bad fit for the finance portfolio) and more than a few of her own caucus colleagues. Her adept handling of the Murdoch Carriere file (the anti-harassment legislation was a good move) was often offset by the internal dissension she tends to create. Last year's B- becomes -- C+.

Industry and Resources Minister Maynard Sonntag: His invisibility as CIC Minister and Indian Metis Relations Minister may not serve him well in the economics portfolio, where one needs to be more of a salesman. There again, his inoffensive nature could be an asset. Still struggles with the tough assignments like explaining the Crown executive raises. Last year a C. This year -- C.

Health Minister Len Taylor: Through steady progress, he has become one of Calvert's top two ministers. Notwithstanding the current Health Sciences labour dispute, the $15 seniors' drug prescription program is popular and progress is being made on wait times and it might have something to do with Taylor's relatively strong relations with stakeholders -- even adversarial ones like the doctors. Last year a B-. This year -- B+.

Environment Minister John Nilson: His lack of communication skills makes him a target of the Opposition and a frustration for reporters. But his intelligence and work ethic have been long-adored by both his colleagues and department staff and this year we witnessed why: the goal-oriented climate change plan was thoughtful and intelligent. If Nilson didn't receive the credit for it, perhaps he should now. Last year, a B. This year, B+.

Justice Minister Frank Quennell: His first three cabinet grades of D+, C+ and a B- last year suggested steady improvement. Unfortunately, his handling of the sexual predators Web site and work on the Terry Bekolay and Richard Klassen files suggest a return to his more petulant way of handling issues. His grade also regresses back to -- C+.

Government Relations Minister Harry Van Mulligen: May be winning the public opinion battle on the equalization file, but we have no money to show for it. Some signs of improved relations with municipalities, but some hostility lingers. That puts him in the same place as last year -- C+.

Learning Minister Deb Higgins: Didn't do a bad job in the assembly defending the government on the school closure issue, but didn't do a great job of neutralizing the hostility outside the assembly. Perhaps a slight improvement from last year's C- -- C.

Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman: Seems to have developed a stronger understanding of his portfolio and remains a strong advocate for the NDP government's positions in its battle with Ottawa. But, like Atkinson, Wartman brings too many negative X-factors -- his overt partisanship (see: Wheat Board debate), his outrageous outbursts in the House and his inability to be conciliatory. Perhaps his next class needs to be anger management. Nevertheless, an improvement over last year's D. C-.

Community Resources Minister Kevin Yates: Another huge X factor. Again, the government, opposition and media choice as the biggest surprise -- something that Calvert would seem to concur with given Yates was promoted from Corrections and Public Safety. But his intangible is the disruption he created with the aborted coup. That's got to be worth a downgrade from last year's B- to -- C.

Advanced Education and Manpower Minister Warren McCall: Struggled a bit with the Fishing Lake disaster as corrections and public safety minister. Nevertheless, his surprising promotion to cabinet after Yates was dumped and his recent promotion to higher-profile portfolio bodes well for the rookie minister. His first grade -- C+.

Highways Minister Buckley Belanger: While community resources minister, his handling of the Oyate Safe House did improve. But, after insisting lessons were learned, he didn't close the 4-Directions facility near Yorkton until the eve of the release of a scathing Children's Advocate report. It's also hard to ignore his role in the Murdoch Carriere mess or the fact that he was the only minister who seemed to take a responsibility demotion in the shuffle. Let's assume lessons were learned, but not many. Last year, a D-. This year -- D.

Labour Minister David Forbes: Fewer overt problems on the Labour Relations Board this year, yet the NDP government seems to keep running into a disproportional number of ugly public-sector union labour disruptions. If Forbes has improved from last year's D-, the improvement is slight -- D.

Healthy Living Services Minister Graham Addley: One of the easier portfolios, but he really didn't seem to be accomplishing much this year. Viewed by both government and opposition as one of the weaker ministers. Last year, a C+. This year -- C-.

Northern Affairs Minister Joan Beatty: While she likely can't handle much more than her current limited responsibilities, her X-factor may be a positive one -- her strength in relating to her northern and First Nations stakeholders. Last year's D+ improves to a C-.

As for Corrections and Public Safety Minister Ron Harper, Culture and Recreation Minister Sandra Morin, Minister of Regional Economic and Co-operative Development Lon Borgerson, and Crown Investment Minister Judy Junor, there's little to assess after just one month in cabinet.

All get -- incomplete.

- Mandryk is the political columnist for the Leader-Post.

© The Leader-Post (Regina) 2007


Members of the Saskatchewan NDP party need to get rid of Premier Lorne Calvert and Justice Minister Frank Quennell before the next election and replace them with someone who will speak up for justice in Saskatchewan by calling a full public inquiry into the administration of justice.

If members of the NDP continue to blindly ignore the serious problems within Saskatchewan Justice they will be replaced in the legislature by former members of the most corrupt political party in Saskatchewan’s history.  A change of names does not change this fact.  Electing religious extremists has devastated any resemblance of justice in Saskatchewan. Electing former presidents of a motor-cycle gang with ties to organized crime and drugs is far worse. Not talking about what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas in Saskatchewan has resulted in a decay and rot within Saskatchewan Justice that a continued silence about the rot and decay within the Saskatchewan Party will result in Saskatchewan being the drug capital of Canada along with being see as the judicial religious misfit capital of Canada.  The NDP needs to clean up their mess before the next election.

July 4 Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Free meals for food fraud expert. Saskatchewan News Network

REGINA — A man with an insatiable appetite for stolen food will have a lot of chances to eat for free in the coming months.

Daniel Benkovic pleaded guilty to three food frauds on Tuesday and was sentenced to five months in jail.

Benkovic, 49, is a regular fixture around Regina provincial court, and appears regularly on charges of food fraud, better known as “dining and dashing.” The latest meals bring Benkovic’s total number of dine-and-dash convictions to nearly 40.

Benkovic pleaded guilty to four food frauds in May, receiving time served for the 54 days he had already spent on remand and two years of probation. He incurred a new food fraud charge while out of custody in June, and appeared in custody on Tuesday facing three new charges. Benkovic has previously served up to five months in jail on food fraud charges, a sentence the Crown suggested should be increased this time.

Bellerose declined to do so, saying Benkovic is a persistent recidivist who will not be helped by a longer sentence. He sentenced Benkovic to five months in jail on the new charges.

“Thank you, Your Honour, I owe you,” Benkovic said. “You want to go out to The Diplomat (steak house) when I get out?”

“No thanks,” Bellerose said with a laugh.

Peter Whitmore

This old excuse was used with the Ross children. Spare the children from testifying.  The Ross Twins received $560,000.00 after being left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan.  It was the same Crown prosecutors who left the twins to be raped who made the secret deal to pay them off without legal representation in a back room deal approved by a justice of the Court of Queen‘s Bench, who also left the twins to be raped. It will be up to the parents of the children and the public to ensure that Peter Whitmore will never again assault another child.  Keep this man in jail. 

Winnipeg Free Press

Pedophile dodges dangerous label
But family is relieved young boy spared from testifying
Wed July 18 2007
By Mike McIntyre

WHITEWOOD, Sask. -- Convicted pedophile Peter Whitmore has struck a controversial plea bargain with Saskatchewan justice officials following last summer's random kidnapping and sexual assault of two young boys from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the Free Press has learned.

Townsfolk demand toughest sentence
Crown vilified for deal, people feel betrayed
WHITEWOOD, Sask. -- There could be hell to pay for making a 'deal with the devil.'

The Associated Press

BOSTON - A federal judge Thursday ordered the government to pay more than $101 million in the case of four men who spent decades in prison for a 1965 murder they didn't commit after the FBI withheld evidence of their innocence.

The FBI encouraged perjury, helped frame the four men and withheld for more than three decades information that could have cleared them, U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner said in issuing her ruling Thursday.

She called the government's argument that the FBI had no duty to get involved in the state case "absurd."

Peter Limone, Joseph Salvati and the families of the two other men who died in prison had sued the federal government for malicious prosecution.

They argued that Boston FBI agents knew mob hitman Joseph "The Animal" Barboza lied when he named the men as killers in the 1965 death of Edward Deegan. They said Barboza was protecting a fellow FBI informant, Vincent "Jimmy" Flemmi, who was involved.

The four men convicted on Barboza's lies were treated as "acceptable collateral damage" because the FBI's priority at the time was taking down the Mafia, their attorneys said.

A Justice Department lawyer had argued that federal authorities couldn't be held responsible for the results of a state prosecution and had no duty to share information with the officials who prosecuted Limone, Salvati, Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco.

"The FBI's misconduct was clearly the sole cause of this conviction," the judge said Thursday. "The government's position is, in a word, absurd."

"No lost liberty is dispensable. We have fought wars over this principle. We are still fighting these wars," Gertner told the packed courtroom.

Salvati and Limone were exonerated in 2001 after FBI memos dating back to the Deegan case surfaced, showing the men had been framed by Barboza. The memos were made public during a Justice Department task force probe of the FBI's relationship with gangsters and FBI informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi.

Limone, now 73, and Salvati, 75, stared straight ahead as the judge announced her ruling. A gasp could be heard from the area where their friends and family were sitting when Gertner said how much the government would be forced to pay.

The men's attorneys had not asked for a specific amount in damages, but in court documents they cited other wrongful conviction cases in which $1 million was awarded for every year of imprisonment. Gertner ordered the government to pay $101.7 million.

"Do I want the money? Yes, I want my children, my grandchildren to have things I didn't have, but nothing can compensate for what they've done," Salvati said.

Salvati had been sentenced to life in prison as an accessory to murder and served more than 29 years before his sentence was commuted in 1997.

"It's been a long time coming," said Limone, who served 33 years in prison before he was freed in 2001. "What I've been through , I hope it never happens to anyone else."

Justice Department lawyer Bridget Bailey Lipscomb declined immediate comment on the ruling.
©2007 Copyright Calkins Media, Inc. All rights reserved.



Ramsay denied parole

By Arthur Williams
Free Press

Sep 14 2007

Former provincial court judge David William Ramsay was denied day parole Wednesday despite being given only two years to live by prison doctors.

Ramsay was sentenced to seven years in prison on June 1, 2004 for sexual assault causing bodily harm, obtaining sexual services from persons under the age of 18, three counts of prostitution of persons under the age of 18 and breach of trust. The charges stem from Ramsay’s actions from 1992 to 2002, while a sitting judge in Prince George.

“You are presented as a 64-year-old candidate for day parole on what has been referred to as humanitarian grounds given a relatively recent diagnosis of terminal cancer ... In short, your expected life span is less than two years at best,” the parole board decision said. “You are an untreated sexual offender who exhibited said behaviour over a long period of time in an increasingly chronic, diverse and violent fashion, relying on the power of your position to coerce participation and non-disclosure. You may be extremely ashamed and bearing tremendous guilt, but most every expression of motivation and contrition has been framed in terms that are more self-serving versus genuine and influenced by external motivators versus internal processes. When all these factors are weighed, the board is able to conclude that and, in fact, is satisfied that your risk to the public is undue and consequently denies your application for day parole.”

Had he been successful in his parole request, Ramsay was seeking day parole in Kelowna, “the only residential facility in B.C. that was prepared to extend acceptance.”

In its decision, the parole board said it did its best to consider the views of Ramsay’s victims and understand his application.

“Achieving an understanding of your behaviour has been a challenge. The board was unable to question you directly, where some clarity would have been helpful, when you exercised your right not to appear at an actual hearing,” the decision said. “Your decision has upset a significant number of people who wished to present their views as victims or spokespersons for victims at an actual hearing. However, the board has taken considerable time to review each and every victim statement that has been generated on your file; those which would have been read at your actual hearing.”

The report said Ramsay failed to complete the Moderate Intensity Sexual Offender Program three times during his incarceration.

“A 2004 psychological assessment invested heavily in achieving greater insight into your illegal behaviour. It was a challenge given that you demonstrated limited contrition, seeming more concerned with your reputation and the impact of revealing your unknown personal life,” the decision said. “Many of your comments were referred to as cautious and calculating ... far too frequently you were unable or unwilling to recall particulars of your offences, but accepting of others.”

Ramsay did confess he was, “unable to control himself,” and, “agreed that in the ‘most serious’ of your offences, the victim did have her head smashed against a dashboard, only to be chased down once she escaped and then sexually assaulted in a highly-intrusive manner.”

“She was essentially left for dead and all the victims have strongly indicated that you go please from their screaming, took pleasure from beatings and threats and, in fact, made them scream as part of the offence cycle,” the decision said.

Carrier Sekani Family Services special projects manager Megan Hunt said they will continue to advocate for a public hearing into the Ramsay case.

“We are all really happy with the decision they made. It’s a small piece of justice that really hasn’t happened in a number of years,” Hunt said. “[But] we’ll continue to advocate for a full public inquiry into his case and how he was able to abuse the justice system for so long.”

Hunt said she hopes the parole board was able to get some sense of what the victims and families were going through via media reports on their public protest.

“We know victim impact statements are far more effective when read in person by the victims. By doing that through the media, our hope was to speak to the board because we weren’t able to do that in person,” she said.

Hunt said Ramsay didn’t, “give a second thought,” to the health and well being of his victims when he targeted them.

“[So] his health condition really isn’t relevant as far as we’re concerned.”

NDP public safety critic Mike Farnworth said the parole board made the right choice.

“I’m glad he didn’t get parole. I think he’s cowardly that he didn’t have the public hearing so the victims and their families wouldn’t be able to speak directly to the parole board,” Farnworth said.

Farnworth said he supports an investigation or public inquiry into Ramsay’s case to examine how he was able to escape justice so long.

“Certainly this case warrants the question of how you go about doing something like that,” he said.

Farnworth called on B.C. children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to investigate how the victims, who were all in care of the Ministry of Children and Family Services, ended up on the streets.

“She has a wide range of powers. I certainly think that would be a legitimate thing to look into.”


Guy Lavigne is Dead.
Fallen in the Struggle against Canadian Judicial Tyranny
12th October 2007

Dufferin VOCA News

Father in custody battle dies in crash

By Michelle Martinof The StarPhoenix August 14, 2007

A 35-year-old Saskatoon father at the centre of a nationally publicized custody dispute has been killed in a head-on collision with an allegedly drunk driver headed the wrong way down a divided highway.

Theman, who did not know he was a father until shortly before his son’s birth, pursued custody of the boy, known as “Baby Ian” and now 16 months of age, after he was given up for adoption.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday, RCMP were called about a vehicle headed southbound in a northbound lane of Highway 11 near Dundurn. Moments later, they were notified of a crash in the northbound lanes at the turnoff to the Dundurn military base.

They found the 35-year-old man dead at the scene. Passengers in the Pontiac Sunfire, which included a 43-year-old woman, an 82-yearold man and a 65-year-old woman, were also injured.

A 40-year-old Regina man, who had been driving the southbound GMC pickup and accompanying trailer, was not seriously hurt. He has been charged with refusing to provide a breath sample, impaired driving causing death, three counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving causing death and three counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm. The man is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 2 in Hanley.

The family of the deceased declined to comment at this time.

The deceased has been identified as the man who had been fighting a court battle over the custody of his son. The boy’s mother had not informed him of her pregnancy and made adoption arrangements without his input.

While the names of those involved in the court battle were initially published, a later publication ban of those names was ordered by the court.

The father only found out about her pregnancy a few weeks before she gave birth at a Saskatoon hospital in April 2006. Immediately after birth, the baby — given the psuedonym “Baby Ian” by the courts — went into the custody of his adoptive family in Prince Albert. After taking a DNA test three months later, the baby’s father began fighting for custody of his son and in October that year, he and his then-fiancee were granted weekly one-hour visits at a Prince Albert child centre.

In June, an Appeal Court judge granted him one-hour visits with his son every second week, which overruled a January court decision that barred him from seeing the boy in order to give the child a period of “familial calm.”


At the time of the latest decision, the man told The StarPhoenix he was “very excited” about being granted the visitation rights. It was also reported that he was in the process of appealing the entire decision that granted full custody to the Prince Albert couple.

Trial set in 1998 murder
Darren Bernhardt, The StarPhoenix
Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2007
An accused murderer who has been in jail for 31/2 years awaiting trial finally got his date with a judge and jury.

The trial for Wilfrid Hathway, accused of the 1998 stabbing death of his former rooming house landlord, will begin March 31 and is set for five weeks.

Hathway phoned the police after finding the body of his landlord, Denver Bruce Crawford, 84, in a main floor suite. He was interviewed by police and released. It wasn't until he was living in British Columbia in 2004 when he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The details of the arrest, the police officers involved and the evidence discussed in a preliminary hearing in 2005 are all subject to a publication ban.Hathway, 48, has maintained his innocence and argued against the ban, which Crown prosecutors say is in his best interest. Hathway has accused the Crown and police of lying and using the ban to cover their own mistakes in the investigation.

He has been anxiously awaiting trial so all evidence can be published and defence witnesses can be called. Hathway has been particularly keen on getting on record the testimony of a woman who was in the area the night of the murder. Though she has information that could vindicate him, she was ignored by police, he said in a telephone interview.

His lawyer, Dhugal Whitbread, believes Hathway may be the longest-serving inmate currently at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. Hathway said it is feasible, should he be found guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter, he could walk away a free man for time-served.

"But that won't happen because I'm innocent," he said. "There's not one shred of evidence against me. I have repeatedly told the Crown that I would plead guilty if they could produce such evidence but they have not been able to."

The Crown blamed the delay on Hathway, who is with his sixth lawyer. Whitbread said it is his client's right to representation by someone of his choosing.

"It's a thing called character. There's nothing wrong with an accused later realizing that person is not a good fit," Whitbread said.

He and Hathway were in Court of Queen's Bench Tuesday seeking additional funding for Whitbread to continue with the case. Hathway was deemed unable to afford a lawyer himself. All hours allowed by court services have been depleted and there is still preparation time needed for trial, said Whitbread, who inherited stacks of binders when he took over the case. If he cannot continue to be paid, he will have to step away from the case and Hathway will be forced to represent himself.

It is unfair Hathway's resources are restricted yet the Crown has had two prosecutors on the case full-time since September 2005 and there has been a total of nine different prosecutors since it all began, Whitbread noted.

Justice Gerald Albright reserved his decision on the matter to a later date.
© The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) 2007

Wronged Mountie settles $5M lawsuit
Accused Of Rape
Keith Bonnell, CanWest News Service
Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
A former RCMP constable who was falsely accused and prosecuted for sexual assault has settled his multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the force and Alberta's justice department.


J4JPnews - January 9, 2008



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SEND TO FAX NUMBER: 02-6208882

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Couple's suit claims malicious prosecution

Had been critical of Klassen, Kvello sex abuse case
Betty Ann Adam, The StarPhoenix
Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
A couple who protested a case that was eventually found to be a malicious prosecution continue to fight for their own exoneration and for accountability for police and justice officials.

A Queen's Bench justice last week granted John and Johanna Lucas leave to amend a statement of claim -- alleging a more recent conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution against them and a negligent police investigation.

Lucas said Tuesday he continues to make the same comments on websites that sparked contempt of court charges in 2003. Those charges were dropped and no one is challenging the content of the website, he said.

"We have not backed off one-quarter inch. . . . They started to look into the facts we were telling the truth, as simple as that," he said.

The Lucases are suing several Saskatoon police officers, Saskatchewan Crown prosecutors and a Queen's Bench justice, claiming they conspired to maliciously prosecute the couple.

The pair were early, vocal critics of the a sexual abuse case against Richard Klassen, Diane Kvello and members of their extended families.

The Klassen and Kvello families were exonerated in 2004, after a court found they were maliciously prosecuted on false allegations of sexually abusing three foster children.

The Lucases protested the prosecution in 1993 and were convicted of criminal defamatory libel for carrying placards and posting flyers commenting about the case when it was originally before the courts.

Defendants in the current Lucas suit, who had applied to have the case thrown out, did succeed to some degree, when Justice Allisen Rothery recently struck numerous allegations from the claim.

John Lucas said Tuesday he "absolutely" will amend the claim and continue with the suit against police officers and justice officials.

The Lucases were found guilty in 1995 of a rarely used criminal charge of defamatory libel for picketing in front of the courthouse and police station with placards. They also posted flyers commenting on the foster children sexual abuse case.

The couple appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, where the convictions were upheld in 1998.

John Lucas served an 18-month jail sentence and Johanna Lucas, a one-year term.

In September 2003, at the beginning of Klassen's malicious prosecution trial, the Lucases were charged with once again posting flyers commenting on the case. The contempt of court charges alleged the posters defamed Justice Paul Hrabinsky, retired Supt. Brian Dueck and lawyer Rod Donlevy.

By mid-2006 the four charges against each of the Lucases had been dropped: Two were withdrawn, one was outside the court's jurisdiction and one was stayed, Lucas said.

Lucas continues to make the same statements on his various websites, such as He said no one takes issue with the statements anymore.

In the suit the couple allege conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution in relation to the 2003 charges.

They name as defendants Saskatoon police officers Joseph Faber, Kim Cridland and Dueck, the Saskatoon Board of Police commissioners, the Province of Saskatchewan, Murray Brown, Daryl Rayner, Donald Arthur McKillop, James Plemel, Charita Ohashi, Rod Donlevy, Hrabinsky, two unknown police officers and two unknown prosecutors.

They are claiming $10 million in damages.

© The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) 2008

Prairie Visionary


Riel's secretary
'Jaxon' reinvented himself as Métis rights crusader
Winnipeg Free Press

Startling acts of well-thought uppitiness
Gutsy, legal-minded Canadian women refuse to take 'because' for an answer
Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Sunday, March 02, 2008

Holgate v. Kari Klassen

Robert Lang, Chief Justice of the Court of Queens Bench is dragging his court through the mud again.

Justice Lang has removed himself from hearing any matters related to Holgate v. Kari Klassen.  Kari  Klassen notified the court of his clear conflict of interest after he heard the Motion and reserved his decision.  Everyone in the court room must have known, including justice Lang, that he should not have been hearing this matter. It is hard to believe that judges just think they can just take charge of cases because they have a bone to pick with someone involved, or some other corrupt motive.

The last time, that we know of, justice Lang showed up at the Hathway matter in cahoots with Robert Kennedy and the Saskatchewan Law Society in an attempt to have Richard Klassen, the husband of Kari Klassen, investigated and charged with practicing law without a licence.  That did not go as planed.  It did result in justice Lang being reported to the Canadian Judicial Council.  Not that another complaint to the Judicial Council about a Saskatchewan judge would have any effect on Saskatchewan’s corrupt court proceedings. 

One has come to expect this sort of behaviour from justice Hrabinsky, Malone, Kyle, Dovell, G A Smith. When the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench sets a example of how to conduct corrupt court proceeding can we expect anything better from the other judges.  What I do not understand is why the other judges in the court continue to turn a blind eye to the corruption in their court. Are they blinded by their embarrassment?

Justice Lang should resign, now.

Why is everyone so silent about Justice Robert Lang taking charge of the Holgate v. Klassen hearing.   Mr Lang can not deny that he had a serious conflict of interest. Everyone knows that.   Kari Klassen’s husband reported justice Lang to the Canadian Judicial Council.  It looks like he intended to get even with her husband Richard Klassen and Angie Geworsky. Before being appointed to the bench, Robert Lang, represented Edward Holgate, at the request of the Law Society after one of Mr Holgate’s former clients sued him.  Is he still representing Mr Holgate?

Why is everyone so silent? Could it be the same reason that Saskatoon police officer, Sgt. Brian Trainor, told me that he was not going to file charges and would leave it up to a prosecutor. He was clearly afraid to file charges against Nicolas Stooshinoff, a Saskatoon lawyer, and the manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash for blackmailing and filing a false claim of lean.  Was a Saskatoon prosecutor afraid to lay charges, or was the prosecutor protecting Stooshinoff?   Is it the same reason my lawyer, Tim Turple, told me “I do not want Justice Dovell after me.“

It is a know fact that Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell, Malone and G A Smith engaged in these corrupt practices. How many times have they bumped the assigned chambers or trial judge at the last minute, or taken charge of a court proceeding with the full intention of abusing their power by persecuting people in their court. I just do not understand why people would be afraid of theses corrupt judges.  Look at their judgments, they are grade six bullies, dumb as a bag of hammers.

People need to know that they will be treated fairly in a court of law.  The people have not accepted our corrupt courts in Saskatchewan, they have no means of doing anything about it.   How can we expect to grow, attract new companies and people to Saskatoon when they know they may not be treated fairly if they need a court of law.  Who would want to live in a city where lawyers, judges and police officers are in fear of reprisals if they do their job and uphold the law. 

People can not continue to ignore the corruption within the administration of justice. It is a sad fact that Saskatoon lawyers do not have the balls to file their own Statement of Claim when a corrupt court system screws them out of their money. How can the public expect lawyers to protect their interests.  As for the honest judges in the court, there are other means of speaking out besides in your judgements that only get slammed in the Court of Appeal.  If you do not start speaking out, your court will continue to be seen for what it is, a criminal origination.  

Two judges of the Saskatoon Court of Queens Bench asked the former Chief Justice to intervene in the R v. Lucas case as they had a concern that Mr Lucas could not receive a fair trial in Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench. Why only two judges?

People keep asking me what can they do.  If you have a concern about your case involving a lawyer, the Law Society, a Saskatchewan government department, especially Human Resources, any case where sex with children is involved, corruption or blackmail start by refusing to have your case heard by Justice Hrabinsky, Lang, Dovell, Kyle or Malone.   You will have to do it yourself, your lawyer will not have the balls.

Kari Klassen Letter

Kari Klassen letter

News: Justice Lang knows there is no accountability.

Who picked Robert Lang, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench as the chambers judge in Holgate v. Kari Klassen.  Was it Don McKillop, Crown Counsel Civil Law Division, Saskatchewan Justice?
The word is that the Holgate v Kari Klassen matter has been adjourned at the request of Kari Klassen and consented to by Holgate.   I did not read anything in Kari Klassen’s letter asking for a adjournment.  The motion has not been adjourned, it will have to be reheard by a different judge.  Who is going to pick the new judge, Robert Lang?

Kari Klassen clearly asked Robert Lang to step down, after he heard the motion and reserved judgement. Robert Lang has a obligation, a duty to withdrawn from hearing the matter when he has a conflict of interest.  Justice Lang did not do this. 

Kari Klassen did not just accuse Robert Lang of being biased.  She detailed an example of his bias in her letter.  It was not the rule of law on Robert Lang’s mind.  He was so involved in conducting his corrupt court proceedings that he was unable to see who was in his court.  It was not Angie Geworsky, it was Kari Klassen.  

Justice Lang is not very good at conducting corrupt court proceedings. It is understandable why he would want to hear the Holgate v Kari Klassen matter after Wilfred Hathway, with help from Richard Klassen and Angie Geworsky made him and Robert Kennedy look like the fools they are at the Hathway hearing. 

Robert Lang knows the lawyers will stay silent.  The last time that Edward Holgate tried to say that the court was a travesty of justice he was told by a court of appeal judge, “sit down, shut-up, and do not say another word”.   This happened during the Johanna Lucas appeal of the judgement of the undisputed master of corrupt court proceeding, common thief and blackmailer, Justice Paul Hrabinsky. 

A further complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council would be a waste of time and money. Justice Lang knows there is no accountability.

Colleen Leduc can be thankful she does not live in Saskatchewan

Colleen Leduc is the mother of a autistic child living in Barrie Ontario.  Unable to afford to provide her daughter with IBI therapy, $50,000 annually, she enrolled her at a public school, Terry Fox Elementary.

After the school was unable to find her daughter on more then one occasion Leduc equipped her with a GPS device and audio recorder.  Leduc knew where she was and had sound recording of her daughter’s location.

The story of what happened at Terry Fox Elementary can be found at CityNews: CityNews Exclusive: The Mother, The Child, The School Board And The Psychic.  There are also links to information about autism.

What happened to Colleen Leduc and her daughter in Barrie, Ontario and the Ross children in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is very similar. What happened in Saskatchewan could have been prevented by the news media in Saskatoon telling the truth as CityNews has done in Barrie.

Had Donella Hoffman been allowed by Saskatoon StarPhoenix editor, Bill Peterson, to publish her story in November 1993, about John Lucas and the reason for his poster campaign in downtown Saskatoon the citizens of Saskatoon would have known the truth about Brian Dueck and the Ross children. They would have demanded the children be removed out of the danger they were in at the Thompson Special Foster Home.

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix knowing kept the truth from the citizens of Saskatoon. The editors stayed silent when Johanna Lucas was jailed with the help of the Saskatoon Police Service in Justice Paul Hrabinsky’s corrupt court proceedings.

Reasonable thinking people realise that children with autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder entering puberty will exhibit sexual behaviours in public. Michael London Ross was not only exhibiting unusual sexual behaviours in public, he was sexually abusing his twin sisters.  This was known by Saskatchewan Social Services, Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatchewan Justice and the Saskatoon StarPhoenix who were at the time overcome by the Satanic Child Abuse Hysteria in Saskatoon, Warman and Martinsville Saskatchewan.

In total sixteen people were charged with the ritual abuse of the Ross children in Saskatoon.  The charges were based on the self created scandal of perverted stories of ritual sex with children being told by the people in charge of the Ross children.

The Ross children’s parents and a friend of Helen Ross, Donald White were found guilty.  The guilty verdicts were appealed.  Madam Justice Marry Batten found all three guilty on December 18, 1992.  The appeal was heard on December 14, 1993.  The appeal was dismissed on May 10, 1995.  The incredible length of time between the Batten judgement and the written decision by the Saskatchewan Court of appeal was done deliberately by the appeal judges. During this time the gag orders and sealing of transcripts were continued and Saskatchewan Justice could continue the cover-up by way of “no comment” as the matter was before the court.

The judges written judgement attempted to create the only evidence against the defendants, not of ritual abuse, but evidence of child abuse based on what the judges knew was true.  Michael London Ross was sexually abusing his sisters in the Thompson Special Foster Home and there was a documented history of sexual abuse before the children were apprehended by Social Services. There was no evidence the defendants were guilty of child sexual abuse of any kind. 

The descending judgement was also deliberate.  Keep the public from finding out the truth by opening the door to a Supreme Court of Canada Appeal.  The descending judgement was the truth, and all three judges knew this, as would anyone else with half a brain.  
The Rule of Law collapsed in Madam Justice Marry Batten’s court room.  The judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Court of Queen’s Bench have engaged in corrupt court proceeding in a failed attempt to protect the public image of the court, Justice Marry Batten and Queen‘s Bench Justice Paul Hrabinsky.   In doing this they have placed the Saskatchewan courts into disrepute and disgraced themselves, the Saskatchewan public and Courts. 

These judges have been allowed to continue to corrupt the Saskatchewan Courts with their descending judgement in the Richard Klassen, Kvello v. Miazga appeal.  They continue to keep what happened to the Ross children in Saskatoon from the public by keeping it before the courts.  This could not be any clearer then the malicious prosecution civil case of Dennis Kvello being listed on the Supreme court of Canada Docket, “Criminal”; “Publication ban in case”; “Publication ban on party”.

The end is near. The Supreme Court of Canada will hear the final appeal in December of this year (2008). The truth will finally be able to be told about what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas in Saskatchewan.   

Colleen Leduc can be thankful she does not live in Saskatchewan and for a Barrie Ontario CityNews that places the health and welfare of a child before sales.

Concerned in Saskatchewan

My congratulations to Dr Morgentaler. A member of the Order can be removed if they have been subjected to an official sanction by an adjudicating body, professional association, or other organization. Official sanctions can include fines, reprimands, or disbarment.
Dr. Lucien Larre v. College of Psychologists of British Columbia

“Counsel for the College noted that the powers of section 35(1) must be used sparingly and rarely exercised where the result would be to effectively deprive a person of the ability to carry on his or her profession, but that it is a power that should be used when it is demonstrably necessary to provide maximum protection to the public. He argued that there was sufficient material before the panel establishing a strong prima facie case and that also established that there is a real and serious threat to the safety of clients entrusted to the respondent's care if he continues to practice.

Dr. Larre’s clients are children. He has returned his order of Canada before it is taken from him. The Governor General of Canada should not accept it, take it from him.

My concern is for the children of Coquitlam BC and that the Archdiocese of Vancouver will move this disgraced priest to another unsuspecting community in Canada, or back to Saskatchewan.


Law Society of Sask. takes two to court
Heather Polischuk, Leader-Post
Published: Monday, November 24, 2008

REGINA -- The Law Society of Saskatchewan is alleging two people -- one of whom is embroiled in a long-running malicious prosecution battle -- unlawfully provided legal advice while not being members of the law society.

On Monday, Richard Klassen and Angela Geworsky appeared in Regina Provincial Court on that and an accompanying charge more specifically related to a Queen's Bench action from 2007. The charges -- which are not criminal -- were laid under the Legal Profession Act.

"(The charges are) both in relation to the same matter," Tim Huber, the law society's representative, explained outside of court. "One is that they provided legal services, legal advice, for fee or reward and the other that they carried on a matter in the Court of Queen's Bench."

Huber said he couldn't get into particulars of the allegations, which stem from a period between October 2007 and April 2008.

Klassen is no stranger to the legal system. In the early 1990s, Klassen was one of several people falsely accused of sexually assaulting foster children in their care. A Saskatchewan prosecutor was eventually found liable for maliciously prosecuting Klassen and members of his extended family. That decision is being appealed to the Supreme Court.

When the matter was heard at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Klassen represented himself, and it was the experience he'd gained in dealing with his case that led to him and Geworsky being approached to help with an unrelated case, Geworsky said in an interview on Monday.

"Basically, we don't feel that we did anything wrong," she said. "These were people that came to us for help knowing what Richard had been through, knowing that we had dealt with the courts because of his case. So these were people that came to us, asking for our help, some of them not wanting lawyers, that sort of thing.

"They knew that he had experience with that and that I'd been helping him, so they were coming to us looking for help and basically what we were doing was basically teaching them what Richard had learned through dealing with his case."

Geworsky said that case involved a family who was looking into launching a lawsuit at Moose Jaw Court of Queen's Bench as they didn't feel SGI had adequately compensated them for the death of a family member.

On Monday, Geworsky and Klassen told the court they intend to plead not guilty. The charges were set over to Jan. 15 for them to get disclosure.

Despite their position, Huber said the law society remains concerned about the actions allegedly taken by Klassen and Geworsky.

"If someone who's practising law and providing legal advice as a lawyer without any of the qualifications as a lawyer and is not licensed and regulated by the law society ... it's impossible to insure the quality of service and the level of qualifications required to carry on a matter on behalf of a third party ...," Huber said.

"The law society takes it very seriously. Certainly it's our mandate to protect the public and anytime the public's at risk, we have to step in."

The maximum penalty for a first offence under this section of the Legal Profession Act is a $2,000 fine, Huber said.

© Leader-Post 2008

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Supreme Court of Canada



Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello (by his personal representative, Diane Kvello) et al. (Sask.) (32208)

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