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Its Old News

This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilised nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!

 - Adolf Hitler

Welcome John Klebuc.

John Klebuc was appointed on October 2, 2006 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as Saskatchewan’s eighth chief justice.  He replaces Edward Bayda who will be seen as overseeing the 25 year slow destruction of the Rule of Law by an administration of justice in the control of corrupt civil servants protected by corrupted judgesChief_Justice_John_Klebuc of The Court of Queens Bench and The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Mr Harper previously stated that it will take time to replace the judges appointed by past governments in Canada.  The appointment of a Manitoba judge to the Supreme Court of Canada can be seen as a snub to the Saskatchewan hopefuls lined up expecting Mr Harper to appoint a corrupt judge or a religious nut case to the Supreme Court of Canada or as the chief justice of Saskatchewan.  I believe that a sitting judge of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal was not chosen as the chief justice respected the wishes held by most people in Saskatchewan.

Hopefully the upcoming decision in Q.B. No. 271 January 31, 1994 will not be a further embarrassment for Saskatchewan justice as was the courts decision in the Ross, Ross and White travesty of justice.


Dugald Christie 1941 - 2006


Vancouver activist 65-year-old Dugald Christie was struck and killed by a vehicle.  Mr Christie was journeying across Canada on his bike to raise awareness for access to legal aid assistance.

Law Times

The Globe and Mail

Dugald Christie: a modern-day Robin Hood?
BC Christian News
By Anne Eapen

A champion for the poor dies on the road
By Peter Biggs

Peter Whitmore: Jeff Kalmakoff

Peter Whitmore’s lawyer, Daniel Brodsky is claiming that a deal agreed to by Jeff Kalmakoff, senior Saskatchewan Crown prosecutor and RCMP Insp. Len Del Pino during the course of Tuesday’s negotiations convinced Peter Whitmore to come out of an abandoned farmhouse near Kipling, Saskatchewan.

“I will recommend to Sask. Justice that the Crown prosecutor will not seek a dangerous offender designation for Mr. Whitmore, nor a life sentence.”

Peter Whitmore had a child in the farm house with him. The safety of the child comes before any rights that Mr Brodski thinks that his client Peter Whitmore has. As long as the child was in danger Mr Kalmakoff has a duty and obligation to the child to do what ever it takes, by any means at his disposal to protect and secure the safety of the child.

Mr Kalmakoff is responsible for jailing other child molesters for life. He should be the prosecutor who jails Mr Peter Whitmore for life.  Keep this man in jail this time.

Janet French, of The StarPhoenix

Published: Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Regina Crown prosecutor didn't sign a police letter to pedophile Peter Whitmore offering the accused kidnapper protection from a life sentence or dangerous offender status in exchange for his surrender during a farmhouse standoff last week.

"Interesting that my signature somehow got on a letter I've never seen," Jeff Kalmakoff said Wednesday. "If anybody has told you my signature was on that, that's inaccurate."


CTV News

August 12 2006
'Epidemic' of unrepresented in court: McLachlin

Darren Bernhardt of The StarPhoenix

Posted by John Allore

Monday, March 29, 2004
The Medium's Very Bad Message

Last week, the female student who was raped last November in a storage closet at the University of Saskatchewan decided to drop charges in the case. The local paper, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix was the first to pounce; publishing the following article, that was promptly pulled from their website:

Campus rape probe dropped

Woman denies story fabricated

Darren Bernhardt of The StarPhoenix

The young woman who claimed to have been the victim of a vicious sexual assault on the University of Saskatchewan campus last November has asked police to halt their investigation.

Police and university officials won't say why the woman has suddenly withdrawn her complaint. In an interview with The StarPhoenix on Monday, the woman, Carol (not her real name), denied rumours sweeping the university that the assault allegation was a fabrication, claiming the police have DNA evidence from her attacker.

"It's been through the data bank and everything. The police are the ones who told me there is DNA," she said. Carol said she told the investigating officer Thursday to close the case because she "can't live with this anymore -- the badgering and everything else from the police." She wouldn't elaborate on what she meant.

"I really don't want to comment, I'm sorry," she said. "I just want it to go away. I can't handle it. I need to go on with my life."

No charges or arrests were ever made in relation to the incident "and nobody was ever identified as a suspect or someone responsible," noted Saskatoon police Staff Sgt. Kelly Cook. He confirmed a letter was sent to the U of S to inform officials that the investigation was over. He wouldn't comment on whether police are looking into the rumours that the assault allegation was false. "Of course, in any investigation, if evidence supports something other than the original allegations, that would be looked at," Cook said.

Carol was 22 on Nov. 28 last year when she claimed to have been attacked in the Arts Building washroom between 10:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. while at the university studying for exams. At a press conference held shortly after the alleged assault, a statement was read out on her behalf by her mother, Marilyn. The statement said that Carol suffered a broken wrist, marks on her neck, vaginal bleeding and had her fingernails ripped off during the struggle with her attacker. She had been wearing acrylic nails at the time of the alleged assault, her mother told The StarPhoenix on Monday.

Carol's mother continues to stand by her daughter. "Now she understands why victims don't report (incidents to the police). It hasn't been a good experience," Marilyn said. "Her sergeant (the investigating officer) was wonderful but the process -- the whole entire system -- wasn't good. But she definitely didn't make this up."

Marilyn refused to explain what problems her daughter had encountered. She said Carol began term two of the university year in January 2004, but was two days into it when she decided she couldn't take it and left. "She's hoping to continue her education again in September at another university."

Carol's complaints have engulfed the U of S in an atmosphere of apprehension. Subsequent pressure by students and the community prompted the university to launch an external review of all safety and security measures, which is still underway.

Tina Merrifield, senior communications officer at the U of S, said on Monday the university remains committed to moving forward with those initiatives, regardless of the reasons Carol dropped her complaint. Merrifield wouldn't say anything about the incident or Carol's change of heart.

Carol's accusations came on the heels of an attack that occurred that summer at the Little Stone School House on campus. An 18-year-old woman was there working alone during the day and managed to fight off her attacker. A man was arrested the following day while vandalizing a women's washroom on campus. He was charged with sexual assault and vandalism and is currently awaiting trial.

After Carol's alleged attack, university officials came under heavy criticism from students for not making the campus safer after the first incident. Some complained of a "complete unwillingness on the part of the university to recognize that there's a problem and to try to deal with it." Campus security stepped up hallway patrols after the second incident, but some students said it was too late and that their confidence and feeling of security had been shattered.

The public outcry was immediate:

Story shows why women avoid reporting rape

Karen Seeley
The StarPhoenix

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I cannot even begin to express the outrage that I have because of the story Campus rape probe dropped (SP March 23) concerning the rape on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

Your coverage of the event has been appalling. The story of the vicious attack made the third page when Posh Spice was on the cover for wearing a vintage U of S sweatshirt. But now that the victim wants to heal and move on with her life, you carefully, so as not to open yourselves up for lawsuits, hint that she fabricated the event.

If the police believed that, she would have been charged with filing a false report.

Instead, you have victimized and traumatized her all over again. Your coverage is inexcusable and disgusting.

It reaffirms for me why so many victims of sexual assault do not come forward, because when they do they are forced to relive the trauma again and again.

You should be ashamed.

Karen Seeley


Coverage of rape story irresponsible

Lisa Neuvenheim
The StarPhoenix

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I am extremely disgusted with the reporting practices of The SP. The manner in which the story Campus rape probe dropped (SP March 23) was fashioned -- by consistently using forms of the word "claim" -- clearly suggested that the victim of this assault made up these events.

Additionally, while the original reporting (in November) of this violent sexual assault was relegated to the less-than important pages of The SP, the obvious questioning of the validity of this event has been boldly plastered on the front page.

Let me assure you, as a close friend of the victim, this assault was very real and did happen.

It is important to note that The SP will not have to deal with the vile after-effects of this rape, while the courageous survivor will continue to experience lifelong ramifications.

The newspaper has handled this irresponsibly. This clearly demonstrates why very few women report being sexually assaulted.

Lisa Neuvenheim


And her is my two-cents on the subject:

To Steven Gibb -Editor, Saskatchewan Star Phoenix:

I find your publication of the story about the rape victim at the University of Saskatchewan irresponsible and distasteful. As the brother of a young woman who was sexually assaulted and murdered at a Canadian university, and who similarly had her name and reputation dragged through the mud by local press, I find your actions deeply disturbing.

I really don't think you realize the extent of the damage you've caused. I know this woman "Carol". I have been working with her since January trying to assist her in summoning the courage to face her detractors.

And now this.

Where was your voice when it was needed? Why not focus on the fact that this woman managed to pull together a petition of over 1,000 signatures, and made the University hold a public forum on student safety? - a forum which forced the University to conduct an independent safety audit. You alone are not to be blamed; this is symptomatic of the Canadian press. Last month I tried to drum-up interest in Carol's story from several CanWest papers, including your own - I was either shut down or ignored; the general sentiment being that student rapes "didn't play to your readership."

Yet false allegations that a victim lied, this is newsworthy?

You people in the media, you never change. You like your victims packaged a certain way. In your world victims are either pathetic and supplicant, or they "asked for it", got what we deserved... or they're liars.

You just don't know how to write about a person like Carol - a victim with courage, and the conviction to intelligently express her anger and frustration. She deserved better than this.

I understand Mr. Bernhardt is attending a seminar on Monday on the topic of journalistic integrity. Tell him to bring an umbrella. Better yet, tell him to apologize.

John Allore

Vancouver Sun > News

Jury's role questioned after father convicted in drug dealer's death

Heather Polischuk, CanWest News Service
Published: Tuesday, January 23, 2007
REGINA - As the lawyer for Kim Walker prepares to submit an appeal on the Yorkton, Sask., man's second-degree murder conviction, questions are being raised about jury rights and powers.

On Friday, a jury found the 50-year-old welder guilty of fatally shooting James Hayward, 24, a convicted drug dealer who had been involved with Walker's young daughter.

But even as the jury deliberated, defence lawyer Morris Bodnar raised concerns over the judge's instructions to the jury, in that the instructions excluded finding Walker not guilty.

In arguing for a mistrial, Bodnar referred to a recent Supreme Court decision involving medicinal marijuana-user Grant Krieger. In that case, the country's highest court found an Alberta Court of Queen's Bench judge had erred by taking the not guilty option off the table, thereby robbing the jury of its function.

''One of the most important rights that we have as a democracy is the right to a jury trial. And one of the most fundamental concepts in a jury trial is their right to decide the case,'' said Saskatoon lawyer Mark Brayford, who represented Robert Latimer, the Saskatchewan farmer convicted of killing his severely disabled daughter.

''The judge can tell the jury what the law is, but if a jury trial is supposed to protect our freedoms, the jury needs to have the ultimate say as to what will happen, including the ability to find the accused not guilty.''

University of Regina Prof. Jeffrey Pfeifer said research shows juries pay even closer attention to a judge's instructions when it is a controversial and morally involved case, such as with euthanasia or abortion.

''We're not sure why. We think it's because ?people can see themselves in those situations,'' said Pfeifer, who has researched jury decision-making, and is also chair in police studies at the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan.

Under Canadian common law, while jurors have the right to essentially ignore law, judges and lawyers are not allowed to tell them of that right during a trial.

The jury - as happened in the trial involving abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler - is required to come to that point on its own.

Regina Leader-Post

© CanWest News Service 2007

Resignation of Brian Dueck from the SPS


Legal counsel for Brian Dueck met with Chief Russell Sabo today and submitted Mr. Dueck’s notice of retirement from the Saskatoon Police Service.

With his retirement, which is effective today, Mr. Dueck is no longer subject to the provisions of the Police Act; accordingly, there can be no further review of his conduct under the Act.
Public Affairs Office, Ph: 975-8209, Fax: 975-8333
posted: 12/21/2004 1:24:00 PM

What happened to the provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code, Section 21 (1b)?

CRIMINAL REPORTS Vol. 19 Part 1 July 2004 19 C. R. (6th) 99-108

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & the Criminal Justice System

PDF file 9 pages



Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs


Friday, May 24, 2002

Superintendent Brian Dueck (Human Resources, Saskatoon City Police)

I'm distressed by the lack of infrastructure for drug treatment and drug rehab, especially here in Saskatchewan. We have no facilities for young people that are dedicated solely to young people. We have a private group now that has obtained some land just north of Saskatoon on the riverbank. It's a Christian or religious-based organization, a group of churches in the city, that is trying to get something started. Again, it takes a million dollars, and that's hard to raise privately. I think our governments at all levels have really let down the people in this province.

It is shocking to read that in 2002 Superintendent Brian Dueck was actively engaged in organizing a drug treatment facility dedicated solely to young people. “We have a private group”.  Is this the same group of religious fundamentalist feminist social workers who lead Brian Dueck around by the nose looking for children who they claimed were victims of a ritual satanic cult.  

A mixture of Heterophobia, radical feminist anger and radical religious fundamentalist stupidly resulted in the Saskatchewan Satanic child abuse hysteria. Take the control and power away from these women and they would be mentally unstable. 

This would explain why no women’s origination’s came to the aid of Johanna Lucas.  There is only one site on the web that is speaking for real women in Canada.

The fact that these sick women were able to gain the support of radical religious fundamentalist police officers,  judges and prosecutors to do their dirty work for them comes as no surprise when one looks at Saskatchewan’s political and judicial history of appointing incompetent religious fools to the courts. Take the control and power away from these insecure police officers,  judges and prosecutors and they would all start stuttering again. 

One need to look at the motives of these do good people after what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas. Without a inquiry into the Satanic child abuse cover-up and the jailing of Johanna Lucas it is no longer a question of it happening again, it has happened again to the Vopni family and the judges of The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal have again abused the trust of the people by protecting a corrupt administration of justice.

The very idea that children who are wards of the court would be placed into the complete control of these religious sexual perverts calling themselves a “Christian or religious-based organization” needs to end in Saskatchewan.  Remove these women from social service and the radical religious fundamentalist judges from Saskatchewan courts.  Child wards of the courts are still at risk in Saskatchewan.  It is not “our governments at all levels have really let down the people in this province” it is the silent honest judges who watched and did nothing.

As for the “Non-Medical Use of Drugs”, the internet is looking more like a law enforcement and organized crime turf war.

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