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Corruption and Blackmail

Blackmail Letter to my lawyer, Rod Gall, from Lynne Greenhorn

The Witches Letter

Lynne Greenhorn

PDF 3 Pages


Lynne Greenhorn is not saved by Section 346 subsection (2) of the Criminal Code.   Lynne Greenhorn is blackmailing me.   This is extortion.

Ron Gall was hired on my behalf by a friend who has my full power of attorney.   He was hired to take care of the sale of my house that was ordered sold by Justice Dovell in corrupt court proceedings.

Mr Gall received a letter above from Lynne Greenhorn where she is claiming that my Blog site is some how a part of Justice Dovell’s and Hrabinsky’s corrupt family court proceedings.

Greenhorn thinks that she can place what amounts to a blackmail trust condition on Mr Gall preventing him from releasing my money to me.   There is no legal reason for my lawyer to not release my money.   He is under no obligation to Lynne Greenhorn.   Greenhorn thinks she can abuse her position as a lawyer by blackmailing my lawyer.   What she is doing is illegal, its called extortion.   Remove Star Chamber Proceedings or I will not get the remainder of my money from the sale of my house.

I instructed my power of attorney to tell Mr Gall that I would never agree to removing the truth about Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and Audrey Brent from Star Chamber Proceedings.  Mr Gall was told on many occasions that the web site had nothing to do with the court order or the sale of my house.

I met with him and signed documents needed for the sale of the house and he did not at anytime mention Ms Greenhorn’s illegal trust condition to remove what she claims is defamatory statements that have been posted for the past two years about Justice Hrabinsky, Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell.    Mr Gall can not accept Lynne Greenhorn’s illegal trust conditions without my agreeing to them.  I received a cheque from Mr Gall with a partial payment from the sale of the house.  I was told by Mr Gall that I would receive the remainder of my money in about a months time after a caveat was removed at the land titles.

When contacted he told my power of attorney that he could not release the money unless Ms Greenhorn agreed to rewrite the writ.  There is no writ with respect to Star Chamber Proceedings.   Mr Gall paid Ms Greenhorn every penny she asked for in her blackmail letter.  I have complied with Justice Dovell’s corrupt court order.   My X’s name was removed from the Credit Union Loan.  This was ordered by Justice Dovell.  If Mr Gall has accepted Lynne Greenhorns blackmail trust conditions he has done it without my permission. I suspect that he is being blackmailed by this corrupt bunch of judicial misfits.

If there is any money to be had by this corrupt pack of blackmailers and misfits then Greenhorn will commence corrupt court proceedings and have my money paid into the court registry.  No money then it’s a section 300 charge.  This only happens in Saskatchewan. 

A comment made on the Blog about Greenhorn’s letter

The truth hurts.

Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are common thieves and blackmailers

I have been saying this on the internet for two years. They are corrupt judges.  Just like a man who stood in a Court of Queen’s Bench court room and told the court that the court is corrupt and not a word was heard from the judge or prosecutor.  On another occasion the prosecutor was staring at his shoes. This silence is done so as to not draw any attention. The cone of silence. The fact that Lynne Greenhorn named Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell in her letter left me speechless.  These two judges conduct corrupt court proceedings for Audrey Brent in retaliation for my reporting Justice Dovell’s and Audrey Brent’s former law partner, Nicolas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police because he was blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner.

There is an attempt by Lynne Greenhorn to distance herself from any connection with Audrey Brent. Ms Greenhorn is Audrey Brent’s law partner.  The heading on her letter does not say this.  The Letter I received from Audrey Brent cancelling the court date when she and Justice Dovell cooked up a corrupt court order clearly shows that these two are law partners.  The cooked up court order is one of the posts that she claims in her letter is libellous.  It is documented and true. It was only after I started posting about the connection between Stooshinoff, justice Dovell and Audrey Brent that Lynne Greenhorn took over the file.  Justice Hrabinsky does Audrey Brent’s and justice Dovell’s dirty work.  Now I have Lynne Greenhorn doing their dirty work for them.

This foolish angry women thinks that she can blackmail me by threatening a court action. She is blackmailing my lawyer For over 15 years lawyers have done nothing about this corrupt pack and their pals within the Court of Appeal.  They leave children to be raped and jail innocent people, people who tried to help the Ross children.  They protect corrupt lawyers and police officers. This is sick justice that is openly corrupt. Ms Greenhorn is not correct when she says, “ I am confident I would succeed in an order in front of any Queen's Bench judge”.  Audrey Brent and Greenhorn think that all the judges are corrupt like Hrabinsky and Dovell.  That is just not true.

This lawyer needs to explain herself at the Lucas trial. What has been done to John and Johanna Lucas by a handful of corrupt lawyers and judges in Saskatchewan is going to continue.  The same judges, Hrabinsky, Dovell and J A Smith. There will be more Ross children, David Milgaard’s and protection for corrupt lawyers and Saskatoon Police officers as long as this pack is allowed to continue to abuse their power.

Greenhorn sent copies of the following pages she downloaded from the Star Chamber Blog to my lawyer.

The Cooked Up Court Order

The Letter to Madam Justice Dovell

This is not rule of law, it is rule by law.

 Letter from court registrar Feb. 24 2004

Letter from Audrey Brent Please note the letter head. Ms Greenhorn is Audrey Brent’s law partner. This is not the work of judges and lawyers.  It is the work of blackmailers and thieves.

Copies of yellow page ads below.

Anonymous said...

So much for free speech. What kind of country has Canada become? I've sometimes thought some of Mr. Hunter's posts were overstated because of the emotions involved. However, Lawyer Lynne Greenhorn has now had the audacity to put in writing exactly what Mr Hunter has been saying all along. They are included in a collection of individuals in Saskatchewan Justice who are corrupt. It's obvious the Brent / Greenhorn duo are confident they are untouchable as to the consequences of their corruption. They have openly revealed themselves for what they are, ethically bankrupt blackmailers and a disgrace to Canadian Justice. Lynne Greenhorn, B.Ed., LL.B., stoops so low as to suggest that the failure for a quick resolution may result in the death of Mr. Hunter: "If he chooses not so to instruct you [Rod Gall], I will have to proceed as outlined in this correspondence ['I will be proceeding to instruct the Sheriff to remove Mr Hunter from the trailer. . . '] ". . . even though I know that your client is in very poor health and this will likely be the final straw."

At stake in the dispute? $1,500.00 (that's right, one thousand five hundred dollars) equity in a camper trailer Mr Hunter now lives in with everything he owns in the world. Greenhorn and Brent obviously will not be happy until Mr Hunter is reduced to fending for himself from garbage bins behind restaurants. On the bright side, the garbage bins are probably cleaner than Brent/Greenhorn's reputation.


Post on about this letter.

BLACKMAIL, pure and simple!

Posted by J. E. Lucas

J. Lucas

Box 92, Macrorie, Saskatchewan S0L 2E0

Tel./Fax: (306) 243-4812

June 15th, 2005

Mr. J. Kalmakoff

Senior Crown Prosecutor

Regina, Saskatchewan


Mr. Dennis Berezowsky ( Registrar )

Court House

Judicial Centre of Saskatoon

Re: Blackmail


Mr. Kalmakoff,

My wife and I only became aware of Mr. Hunter by chance, when one of us was doing a search on the internet and discovered that he had posted positive comments about Johanna (J. E. Lucas). I then did a complete search and discovered that he was also interested in the Ross case and had mentioned Mr. Justice Hrabinsky, in regards to some sort of civil proceeding. To make a long story short, Johanna contacted Mr. Hunter and made various documents available, with my full approval. Johanna has with some deliberation, given Mr. Hunter’s ‘blog site’, at least two links on every page of , because of his support for the Ross girls. Nobody as yet, has contacted Johanna and reported any inaccuracies which were posted on her site. If that day should arrive, I imagine she would correct said inaccuracy, with dispatch. My wife has two reasons to try and set the record straight. She was falsely accused and convicted and is also interested in the outcome of her husband’s trial. We both however feel the same about those who use blackmail. If you use your “view source”, on , you will find that written within the code, even though it remains invisible. If Ms. Greenhorn had wanted to take action against that which she claims is libelous on Mr. Hunter’s site, she should have done so, without making it contingent on her first receiving something of value. She is by definition, unlawfully blackmailing Mr. Hunter and inadvertently hurting my wife’s site, that I have found is helpful to my own case. Since one of her clients is not a lawyer, she is possibly an innocent. The same can’t however be said about Ms. Audrey Brent. There can be no doubt about what these two lawyers have done. They have knowingly blackmailed, Mr. Hunter. I have no idea whether or not the allegations made by Ms. Greenhorn on Ms. Brent’s behalf are true, but I am positive that they are blackmailers, who appear to believe that they have “friends” within the Court of Queen’s Bench. It is for that reason, that I want them called as witnesses at my trial.

My interest in the letter that Mr. Gall, purportedly received from Ms. Greenhorn, is just another example of the pattern of behaviour that is used by some lawyers in the province of Saskatchewan. It is corrupt to try and obtain a judgment, based on your adversaries known or published views, regarding another justice in Queen’s Bench. It is also a criminal code offence to obtain money by promising not to proceed with an action for libel, that has not even commenced. Threatening to inflame a court, only makes them more culpable. If either of these so called lawyers were honest, they would have reported that which they claim was libelous, regarding Justice Hrabinsky & Justice Dovell & not asked for a payment. A payment by the way, which is arguably inflated.

Since I can download and not upload, (like my wife) I trace back most of the hits on several sites. It is obvious that Saskatchewan Justice was fully aware of the so called libel, regarding members of Queen’s Bench, for more than a year, on “Star Chamber Proceedings“. This attempt to blackmail your opponents into submission, must stop. It has made the entire Court of Queen’s Bench, appear to be corrupt, which I find hard to believe.

A copy of the original that the following was taken from uses an alternate way of spelling Justice Dovell’s (I changed it…) name. An O.C.R. was used, so there is always the possibility of an error, but a match was done with the copy. I am only including the paragraph and follow on that contains the outrageous observation, made by Ms. Greenhorn.

Copy of Relevant Portions of Greenhorn Letter


3026 Taylor Street East, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan S7H 4J2

Ph: (306) 955-9544 fax: (306) 955-2656


Lynne G Greenhorn, B.Ed., LL. B.

June 12, 2006

Gall Law Office

100, 316 - 6th Avenue North FAX 652-1110

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

S7K 2S5


Attention; Rod Gall

Re: Gutenberg v Hunter

Dear Sir:

“In addition, your client has posted libelous comments about not only my client, but also Madam Justice Dovell, Mr. Justice Hrabinsky and Audrey Brent. I enclose some copies of Star Chamber Proceedings posted by your client and his friend Gerry Hawke. My client would like these postings removed. If your client is prepared to remove the same voluntarily, and not repost the same, my client will accept this. If not, I have instructions to commence an action against him for libel on behalf of my client, and Audrey Brent, who has been called a common thief. As you are aware, damages are presumed for insult to a professional person such as Ms. Brent and I do not need to prove that these comments have damaged her. I am confident I would succeed in an order in front of any Queen's Bench judge, given your client, and Mr. Hawke's comments about Mr. Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell. I trust that Mr. Hunter will give you instructions in these matters so that his family law proceedings can be settled once and for all…”

Thank You,


John D. Lucas

Criminal Code of Canada Robbery and Extortion

This could only happen in Saskatchewan.

Lynne Greenhorn does not have the protection of Section 346 Subsection (2) of the Criminal Code.   Lynne Greenhorn does have the protection of corrupt judges within the Court of Queens Bench and Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.  She confirms this in her blackmail letter to my lawyer, Rod Gall. 
“I am confident I would succeed in an order in front of any Queen's Bench judge, given your client, and Mr. Hawke’s comments about Mr. Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell.”

What about if what I am saying and John Lucas is saying about Justice Hrabinsky is true?   Ms Greenhorn is wrong.  It is only a small pack of corrupt judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal who have a history of corrupt court proceedings in Saskatchewan.  This is a known fact.  These judges protect corruption and the illegal acts of brother judges and members of the legal community in Saskatchewan.  

A prosecutor was claiming, scandalous, frivolous & vexatious after an hour and a half statement by John Lucas about Justice Hrabinsky in court.    The judge said something like.  What if what Mr Lucas is saying about Justice Hrabinsky is true?

A Judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench in February 2004 asked the prosecutor in the Lucas case, “do you really intend on proceeding with this matter?”.

Two Queen’s Bench judges asked the former chief justice and the chief justice of Saskatchewan to intervene in the John Lucas case to have the case removed from the Court’s jurisdiction.  They learned the trial judge, Justice Malone, had conspired with justice Hrabinsky to file a false complaint on April 17th, 2002 with the Saskatoon Police regarding Mr Lucas in a attempt to have Mr Lucas falsely charged.  It was the former chief justice who appointed Justice Malone as the trial judge.   They were going to fix the jury trial and this fact was clear to two Queen’s Bench Judges who had a concern that John Lucas would not receive a fair trial in the Court of Queen‘s Bench.   Justice Hrabinsky requested that the police keep his name out of any investigation by the Saskatoon Police Service. 

Justice Malone removed himself as the trial judge at the request of the Crown prosecutor.  The former chief justice then appointed Justice Ball as the trial judge.  What has changed?  Nothing.   John Lucas will not receive a fair trial in Saskatchewan. This was a corrupt attempt to obstruct justice by justices of the Court of Queen‘s bench and Saskatchewan Justice.  This could only happen in Saskatchewan. 

To say that any judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench would support an order because of the comments I have made about Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell on Star Chamber Proceedings is a good indication of how corrupt Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell, Audrey Brent and Lynne Greenhorn are and that they consider themselves to be above the law.   The statement by Lynne Greenhorn in her blackmail letter about the Judges of The Court of Queen’s Bench is scandalous, frivolous & vexatious.   This could only happen in Saskatchewan.  

Threats made in Greenhorns letter, and naming Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell in the sense that this would result in a judgement against me is a good indication of how corrupt the administration of justice has become in Saskatchewan.  These judges take control of cases involving corruption in Saskatchewan.   As long as they are allowed to abuse their power we will have corrupt lawyers blackmailing homeowners using The Builders Lien Act, judges persecuting and corruptly jailing the Lucas‘ who exercised their right to free speech in an attempt to help and protect 8 year old children who were in the care and control of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services and knowing left by these judges and police officers to be raped for four years.

Freedom of speech, speaking the truth about corrupt officers of the court in Saskatchewan results in a section 300 charge for defamation. There is no interim injunction & then a full hearing in Saskatchewan.  This is what should happen.    It is directly to a corrupt judge/judges and a gag order.   Silence the truth and leave the 8 year old Ross sisters to be raped and when the truth continues to be told on the internet, starve them, and pay them a pittance to keep the truth buried.

The corrupt jailing of Johanna Lucas and John Lucas by Justice Hrabinsky and his gang of Christian Knights could have only happened in Saskatchewan.  Justice Hrabinsky’s and his pals within the administration of justice have been conducting a 14 year persecution of John Lucas. I have been persecuted by these same corrupt judges for over 6 years. This could only happen in Saskatchewan.

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