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March 31, 2007

Mr. Gall

I received your letter dated March 28, 2007.

Would you please send your written reasons for having my money in your trust account.  You have told my power of attorney, Gerry Hawke, that there is a writ preventing you from releasing my money.  Please send me a copy of the writ.  You have also told Mr Hawke that you intend paying my money into court.  You have no authority to do that.

You can not avoid your involvement in Lynne Greenhorns illegal blackmail by paying my money into court Mr Gall.  You need to send me my $21,659.76.

James Hunter
PO Box 91
Vanscoy, Saskatchewan
S0L 3J0

Rod G. Gall

Gall Law Office

Our File: 2701

May 4, 2007
James Hunter
P.O. Box 91

Dear Sir:

Re: 1221 Avenue 0 South
Gutenberg v. Hunter

Thank you for your most recent email.  You had requested reasons why your money was still in my trust account.  He is a recap of what happened.

In April of 2006, you accepted an offer to sell your property at 1221 Avenue O South with a possession date of June 1, 2006. Your mother had a life interest in the property but she died shortly before the June 1 possession date so that her life interest was not an issue at that time.

However, registered against the property by your former wife, Beverly Gutenberg, was a
Homestead Caveat and a Writ of Execution.  The amount of the Writ was such there would be sufficient funds after the sale to pay off the Writ so that the matter of transferring clear title to the purchaser was also not an issue.

I had correspondences with Lynn Greenhorn prior to the possession date but did not receive the discharge documents from her until June 12, 2006.

Ms. Greenhorn provided, in her letter the requisite discharges but advised that there were other outstanding issues outlined in her three-page letter. You attended at my office on June 13, 2006 and we discussed this letter and I was of the understanding, although you appeared to be unhappy about it, that you were authorizing me to accept the conditions contained in her letter. I then used the PPSA discharge with respect to the interest that was registered against your trailer and paid her the balance as requested in her letter.  I believe that you retained a copy of Ms. Greenhorn's letter but, if not, I am enclosing herewith a copy for your information.

By paying the $15,000.00 to you on the day you attended at my office (June 13,2006), I was in breach of Ms. Greenhorn's trust condition but I fully expected that you were, although grudgingly, going to remove your material from the website that you apparently posted. In a subsequent telephone call from Ms. Greenhorn, I advised her that I had paid funds to you but that there was still money being held in trust. She confirmed you had not removed the material from the website but she seemed satisfied that as long as no further funds were being advanced, she would overlook my breach.

In summary, I received. and used a discharge of the Personal Property Security that was registered against the trailer that you lived in which was sent on the condition, amongst other

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Leland Kimpinski
May 4, 2007
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things, that you remove certain materials from the website. I believed at that time that you were going to do so but this has not apparently been done. If you want me to forward to you the money, please remove tbe materials from the website and then provide confirmation of same.  Once I have satisfied my trust condition, I will turn the money over to you and thereafter the matter is out of my hands. A1ternati~ely, I can pay the funds into court and let you and Ms. Gutenberg's solicitors continue your battles.

Please advise.
Thank you.
Yours truly,

Per: ~

100, 316-6th Avenue North, Saskatoon SK S7K 2S5. Phone: 306-933-2233. Fax: 652-1110

Ron Gall email:

May 24, 2007

Thank you for your letter dated May 4, 2007.

You would have me believe that you are holding my money because you have agreed to Lynne Greenhorns trust conditions. As you will recall I had no contact with you by telephone or in person before our meeting on June 13, 2006. You led my power of attorney to believe that you were not going to agree to Lynne Greenhorn’s trust conditions. You did not say one word about my website on June 13. After the meeting my Power of Attorney said, “ he deliberately avoided any mention of the website.” You now seem to think that by avoiding the subject of the website I somehow agreed to Greenhorns trust conditions by accepting a portion of my money from you.

The only order was Justice Dovell’s order and you paid this money to Lynne Greenhorn before our meeting in your office on June 13, 2006. You told me the only outstanding issue was the trailer. I returned to your office about an hour later and gave you a document from the Credit Union confirming the trailed was paid for. Everything was paid at that time, including Lynne Greenhorns inflated bill. I received $15,000.00 from you and you told me I would receive the remaining money after my mothers caveat was removed from the title. It would seem that these so called trust conditions that you have agreed to against my wishes only apply to my website, but not on paying my money to Lynne Greenhorn.

This has nothing to do with Gutenberg v. Hunter or Lynne Greenhorn. You are the one with my money in your trust account. You were told repeatedly by my Power of Attorney that I would not remove the truth from my website. I am under no obligation to accept any trust conditions dreamed up by Lynne Greenhorn. You suggested to my Power of Attorney that I remove the website and after I received my money repost it. I refused to do this. You told him that you could not pay me my money unless Lynne Greenhorn removed the writ. There is no writ.

You can not wait for Justice Dovell, Justice Hrabinsky or Audrey Brent to get up enough nerve to file a court action. The value of their combined reputations was less then two cents before I started posting on my website. I am not responsible for that, they are.

When I told one of my past lawyers what Justice Hrabinsky did, he said, “He should not have done that.“ Another lawyers said, “I do not want Justice Dovell after me.“ I fully understand why you would be reluctant to send me my money, you would eventually be standing cap in hand in Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell or one to their known corrupt pals court rooms. You are being blackmailed just like I am. Get a backbone Mr Gall. Send me my money.

James Hunter


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