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I reported a lawyer Nicolas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police for blackmailing a friend who got mixed up with a contractor named Wayne Fisher who was scanning homeowners in Saskatoon under the business name Excalibur Developments.  The manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash, had Mr Stooshinoff file a false claim under the Builders Lien Act claiming that materials used in the construction of an addition to my friends house were not paid for. Mr Fisher was well known for scamming homeowners in Saskatoon. He was arrested and charged.

Friends of Mr Stooshinoff came to his rescue.  The homeowners were not able to obtain the services of a lawyer.  Lawyers kept referring them to Brent Gough with the firm Hnatyshyn and Gough, a well known Progressive Conservative law firm. Mr Stooshinoff was a former president of the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party. Brent Gough was the President of the Saskatchewan Law Society.

I have detailed the scam on the Blog and will be redoing it on this site.  The homeowner tried to proceed in court on his own behalf.  He detailed the scam in a Notice of Motion heard by Madam Justice G A Smith.  I detailed what this sick judge did to him in her chamber of horrors. He was rushed to the hospital just after court.  It is a disadvantage when corrupt judges and lawyers have medical information from his doctor that can be used to put him in the hospital.  I knew then that I was dealing with sick people.

The Saskatoon Police Officer who investigated was afraid to lay charges against Mr Stooshinoff and said if he laid charges against David Hilash he would just “lawyer up“.  He sent the file to the prosecutors office with a recommendation to lay charges.  The homeowner was not contacted by the prosecutors office.

It is hard to keep the details in order and understandable.  I will be rewriting the lien scam and supporting it with documents as I go this time.  The Blog posts are hard to follow and I will make an attempt to shorten and use a point form.

If you have been blackmailed by a building suppler in Saskatoon please e-mail.

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