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News Release
July 25, 2006

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A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed against the Government of Saskatchewan and others by Kathleen and Michell Ross.  The lawsuit is related to abuse the women allege they suffered while in foster care as children.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Government of Saskatchewan will pay the plaintiffs a total of $560,000.

"This situation involved a number of complex factors," Community Resources Minister Buckley Belanger said. "However, the government accepts responsibility and deeply regrets the circumstances that occurred while the Ross children were in foster care.  Our primary responsibility is the safety of children. We continue to work with our partners to help ensure safe environments that meet children's needs."


For More Information, Contact:
Debbie Clark
Community Resources
Phone: (306) 787-8689

There is a discussion about the Ross Twins on the Star Chamber Blog. Join in. The truth needs to be told.  The backroom deals and the blackmail are nothing new in Saskatchewan. The Ross Twins are being used again. I can not see that the prosecutors would allow this to happen again after one of their own was sold down the river by Saskatchewan Justice 

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix has knowingly been printing lies about the Ross children for over fifteen years.

Klassen kids want to put past behind them
By Kenyon Wallace, The StarPhoenix
Published: Friday, July 13, 2007

“In 1993, charges against 12 of the accused were stayed, but three were found guilty. However, all of the convictions were later overturned by the Supreme Court when the Ross children admitted they had made up the stories.”

The three that were found guilty were the Ross children’s parents, Helen Ross, Donald Ross and Helen Ross’s common law husband, Donald White.

This was the first satanic ritual child abuse case in Saskatchewan.  Ross, Ross & White. There were no sacrificed babies buried in back yards in Saskatchewan. The only thing buried are the documents and facts of what happened to Donald White, Helen Ross and the Ross children in Saskatchewan.  The Ross children coming forward and recanting their testimony happened after the Supreme Court appeal.

The convictions were not overturned by the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court ordered new trials for Helen and Donald Ross. Donald White was acquitted.  Saskatchewan Justice knowingly failed to disclose documents that would have proven that the charges were bogus.

Supreme Court of Canada. Donald Leo R., Helen Susan R. and Donald George W.

L'HEUREUX-DUBÉ J. (dissenting)

58 My colleague L'Heureux-Dubé J. points out that sexual abuse of children is prevalent in our society and difficult to prosecute. My inability to agree with her disposition of this case is not a failure to recognize these difficulties but a reluctance to depart from the presumption of innocence and the requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Justice L'HEUREUX-DUBÉ let her emotions to protect children get in the way of sound judgement. This is no different then the majority of the people who believed that the Ross children were ritually abused.  It was a concern for the Ross children that clouded the judgement and made believers of satanic child abuse out of otherwise normal people.  It was embarrassment that kept otherwise normal people from helping the Ross children when the truth was being told on the streets of Saskatoon by Johanna Lucas in 1993.  

The Ross Twins were in the control of radical religious fools. The twins were knowingly left to be raped in a Saskatoon foster home for four years because of the embarrassment this would have caused Saskatchewan Judges, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

Johanna Lucas was jailed by Justice Hrabinsky and his pack of religious friends in corrupt court proceedings. Corrupt can have many different meanings.  John Lucas was charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. Justice Ball at a Pre-trial Hearing Management Setting on March 28, 2006 wanted to clarify the meaning of corrupt. 

MR. LUCAS: ---

When the thousands of documents became available from Mr. McKillop's office and it became clear that the prosecutors knew all of this all along, what was happening to those children, I went ballistic.  And the first person that I made sure of who had copies was Mr. Justice Hrabinsky, because I don't think a judge -- very few things that a Justice has to do that I can think of, a Justice doesn't have to report a crime, he doesn't have to report income tax evasion, he doesn't have to report things he hears in court but there is one, I believe, glaring exception. If a fraud was perpetrated within his Court and he has reasonable knowledge that a fraud was perpetrated within that Court, he must act, has to act, has no -- has an obligation to act. And then we can go and with this, because you were talking about you look up in a dictionary what this word "corrupt" means; you know, it can mean as little as "tainted". But I don't want it taken as tainted, I want it taken in its most extreme form.

THE COURT: But the problem to suggest that someone is on the take is -- I mean one common sense --

MR. LUCAS: M'hm.

THE COURT: -- one way in which that word is often used when it relates, for example, to business people, politicians --

MR. LUCAS: M'hm.

THE COURT: -- members of the judiciary, hopefully in Third World countries, is that they are on the take, in other words, they are subject to bribery --

MR. LUCAS: Yeah, remuneration of some kind.

THE COURT: That's right. And I mean that's -- that is one more --

MR. LUCAS: That is certainly -- I have never ever --


MR. LUCAS: -- this was just straight coverup, nothing more, a coverup, embarrassment.


MR. LUCAS: That was the only things involved here.

THE COURT: And I think one needs to be cautious when you say, if it's not really what you mean, take it in the most extreme way but I don't really mean that.

MR. LUCAS: Oh, I believe that coverup of child sexual abuse is far worse than on the take. We're not talking about, you know, some lower court traffic judge fixing tickets in Toronto, once every ten years something like that comes up.  Who cares? That's a very small matter.  This is a very serious matter.  This involves children.  You don't cover things like that. You can't get worse than that. So when you -- when you talk about extremes, we're talking about children here, and I think children are worth a heck of a lot more than money.

THE COURT: I take your point that your position is that if the fraud was perpetrated within his Court, he had an obligation to act, and I’ve made that note --

The charges against John Lucas were stayed by the Crown shortly after the above hearing before Justice Ball.   

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix has knowingly been printing lies about the Ross children for over fifteen years.

The Ross Children. Johanna Lucas.

Michael has been involved in counselling with Carol Bunko for the past three years.  There has been much disclosure related to the abuse that youth and his sisters have suffered. This disclosure would indicate that all youths had been ritually abused for a lengthy period of time. Consequently, there are many dysfunctional behaviours presented by Michael.  These include cross dressing, inappropriate sexual touching among the siblings and including a family pet, aggressive, angry behaviour and as well, illegal activity, i.e., stole a car, started a teacher's car on fire, started a park on fire.  Youth also requires an aide at school to provide him with individual time and to keep him on task.

Michael had an admission physical completed on July 10, 1992.  Youth appeared to be in good physical health, with no abnormality noted.  Two weeks prior to admission, Michael was circumcised at City Hospital.

I am not a doctor but I fail to see how the doctor was able to determine that the behaviour of Michael Ross was a result of his being ritually abused. Was Michael circumcised as a medical treatment for ritual abuse victims or because the feminist religious social workers in charge of Michael decided this was a fitting treatment for a boy child they were unable to control.

When I first read the letter Dr Parker wrote to Norma Rivard at Social Services on the 16th of July, 1992 I got the impression that the doctor was concerned about Michael Ross and his twin sisters.  The doctor was concerned about Michael being allowed to continue to rape his sisters in the Thompson foster home.   Michael was 13 years old in October 1992 and his sisters were 10 years old in March, 1992. The twins were 8 years old when Social Services moved them into the Thompson foster home in May, 1990. Michael had been allowed to rape and torture his sisters for over two years by the time Dr Parker’s letter was written. 

Dr Parker says in the first paragraph:
I would like to raise some concerns over the delay in planning for Michael's placement.  We have met several times during the last year and there has been considerable discussion about the need for Michael to be placed out of his present foster home. Concerns include continued sexual activity between him and his sisters and ongoing difficulty in maintaining limits on his behaviour.

The letter is nothing more then the doctor protecting ones own ass.  By the time the letter was written most people who had been deceived realized that the ritual abuse hysteria was nothing more then a Social Services self created scandal of sex with children.

A small group of feminists are in control of the Family Court System and Child Welfare in Canada.  Most Canadians would agree that this has been a disaster for families and children. In Saskatoon these control freaks are also in control of the medical needs of children and Saskatchewan Justice. 

Dr Parker was not concerned about the Ross children. For over two years Dr Parker treated the children for symptoms of ritual abuse denying the children the medical help they deserved and required. The doctor realized that Michael was going to turn 14 years old and would be subject a rape charge if Social Services allowed him to continue to rape his sisters in the Thompson foster home. There would have also been a concern that one or both his sisters would end up pregnant after Michael turned 14 years old.  This would have guaranteed Dr Parkers testimony regarding the medical treatment Michael received for the symptoms of ritual abuse. There would also have been testimony regarding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

In the summer of 1993 Johanna Lucas picketed in downtown Saskatoon after receiving no help for the children from the authorities. She had received government of Saskatchewan documents that clearly detailed the serious danger the Ross children were in.   She was arrested and jailed for her trouble.  She was jailed to shut her up. Had she been allowed to picket,  who knows, maybe Dr Parker would have picketed with her.  Everyone involved knew what was happening to the Ross Twins in the Thompson foster home and they did nothing.  Everyone knew what Johanna Lucas was saying was true, including the social workers, Crown prosecutors and Justice Hrabinsky, the judge who jailed her. 

Michael was allowed to continue to rape his sisters during Johanna Lucas’s trial and it did not stop until the children were separated in January, 1994.  One of the twins was moved to a foster home in BC, the other twin to a foster home in Manitoba. They were not allowed contact with each other. Michael was placed into a sexual offender program when he was 14 years old. The fact that this was done shows the complete disregard for the law in Saskatchewan by Saskatchewan Justice.

One of the Crown prosecutors involved had written in his note book that Michael was still banging his sisters in the Thompson foster home when he was 14 years old.  The Ross Twins received a out of court settlement of their  law suit in 2006 negotiated by the very people who left them to be raped for four years.  The people of Saskatchewan funded their four year state sponsored rape and then paid them both a total of $560,000 to shut them up. 

These radical religious feminists easily took control of Saskatchewan Justice with the help of Saskatchewan’s radical religious judges and jailed anyone that dared speak out about what they allowed to happen to the Ross children, Johanna Lucas and the people charged in Saskatchewan’s ritual child abuse trials.  The lawyers involved belonged to the judges former law firms. Everyone knew what they were doing and did nothing. A deal was made with one of the editors of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix not to publish anything about the rape of the Ross twins and the jailing of Johanna Lucas.

The fact is that these sick social workers had control of Saskatchewan Justice, prosecutors and the judges by their balls.   These wimp candy-asses are just to embarrassed to admit it.

Michael London Ross

...They were required to lie in a Canadian court room with the full knowledge of the Crown.........
Michael London Ross was not guilty of raping, sodomizing and torturing his twin sisters. He was a 10 year old child in need of help that was not provided to him by the people entrusted with his care. All three children had told the people in charge of them that they were not sexually abused by anyone. The children told the people in charge of them that they had lied in court. This is all documented in disclosure withheld from the court and buried by gag orders and media publication bans. Does anyone in Canada not understand what the children were required to do? They were required to lie in a Canadian court room with the full knowledge of the Crown. The children were manipulated and used not only by the people in charge of them. The CBC news program the Fifth Estate, Scandal of the Century, originally broadcast on January 23, 2002. The program was not about what happened to these children, it was a documentary about the Kvello and Klassen families. The CBC were at the home of John Lucas preparing the documentary and when Mr Lucas heard they were going to have a segment where the children were apologizing to Richard Klassen. John Lucas asked them all to get out of his house. The warning by Mr Holgate about people ending up hating each other came true. Star Chamber Proceedings A History


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