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I will start with a description of the case on this page.

I will be concentrating on the cases that started as a result of the Satanic Child Abuse Hysteria in Saskatoon.  I do not and could not in a million years explain how a city of 200,000 people could be overcome and taken in by religious extremists within the Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon City Police, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. I will try and give some background leading up to the religious hysteria but I would not be able to explain what overcomes people and leaves them unable to think for themselves. I will leave that to a medical doctor.

I will be telling the story of the Ross Children, three seriously dysfunctional FASD children placed into the care of religious extremists after they were apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services.  I will try to show why the religious hysteria continued for so many years in Saskatoon and area.  The Martinsville Nightmare was very similar to what happened to the people involved with the Ross Children in Saskatchewan.  It started with the Ross Children and their parents. Most people in Saskatchewan do not know what happened. The fear of reprisals from Saskatchewan Justice and the religious community has keep people from speaking out and this story will be focussing on the participants within Saskatchewan Justice and in particular Justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench and Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and their involvement in the cover-up.

There are only two cases still before the courts, R v. John Lucas.  John Lucas is charged with defamatory libel.  The complainant is Justice Hrabinsky.

The other case is the appeal of KVELLO V. MIAZGA.  The appeal has been heard by the same judges involved with the cover-up and we are awaiting their reserved judgement. I think that everyone in Saskatchewan who has followed this case knows what the judgement will be from the Court of Appeal. This was clear when Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff had another one of the angry outbursts that the judges are becoming famous for when someone (Holgate) tells the truth in their court and has the balls to question the court about anything that may embarrass or otherwise publicly place the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public.

I will be reporting on the Lucas case. The KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal is just another Saskatchewan judicial farce in the making.

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