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The Martensville Scandal - The Saskatoon StarPhoenix June 24, 2006

It started October 1, 1991.

Its fifteen years later.


“But people don’t want to listen that long, and you can’t tell the story in an hour or two.  You can’t tell the story in a page or two.  You can’t express the grief and the hate and the anger that you went through and had to get rid of before it destroyed you”.


“We weren’t the only ones that suffered --- these kids suffered, their families suffered, friends suffered, supporters suffered, people we didn’t even know suffered over it. And the people that caused the problem are still doing what they were doing then.  Nothing’s been done to them. They haven’t even been slapped on the wrist.

- Ron Sterling

Saskatoon StarPhoenix - June 24, 2006


Mr Sterling is the only one that even mentioned the children. Where has Mr Sterling been for the past 15 years?  More people need to ask, what about the children? When is the StarPhoenix going to do a story about what happened to the children? 


The citizens of Saskatchewan are just now hearing about the 8 year old Ross twins and that they have received a settlement of their law suit against the government of Saskatchewan for being left in the Thompson Special Foster home to be raped and tortured for four years. When is the StarPhoenix going to do a story about the jailing of Johanna Lucas by Justice Hrabinsky and Brian Dueck for trying to help all three of the Ross children. The Thompson papers are the notes kept by a Christian nut case in charge of the Ross children and detail the evidence used to jail the Ross children’s parents.  The StarPhoenix contributed to the cost to have the notes transcribed.  Talk about a cone of silence. This is nothing more then protecting Saskatchewan Justice and the K of C radical nut cases within Saskatchewan Justice. 

James Hunter

July 31, 2006


“You never put it behind you”

- John Popowich

Saskatoon StarPhoenix - June 24, 2006 


should be a grim reminder to all members of society that it can happen to anyone

- Justice Ted Noble


“I very seldom have people look at me or say anything. And the ones that do know, they know it’s a bunch of crap and they never bring it up, ...”

- Jim Elstad


“The media played a role of its own by failing to treat the allegations with the appropriate amount of skepticism”.  “For the news media, I have one word of advice : watch your sources. Don’t believe the government and don’t believe the police.” - “Retired? On what? Remember, they took all my money.

- Ed Revesz


“Its one thing to call for an inquiry. I think the people that might be involved in that inquiry (into the Martensville case), even though they wish to have it, might regret it later because … looking from the outside at them, I think its very difficult on the people that are involved, and I don’t think you need to go much further than the Milgaard inquiry to see that that’s the case.”

Justice Minister Frank Quennell


What is being done at the Milgaard inquiry is deliberate and planned.  Put Joyce and David Milgaard though the nightmare again. The message from Justice Minister Frank Quennell is -- this is what you can expect from a public inquiry in Saskatchewan. Millions more will be thrown into the money pit by the government of Saskatchewan to protect Saskatchewan Justice.  Ms Milgaard should have stayed out when she walked out of the inquiry.  She has no choice but to return, she should pray for justice, the odds are better. David and his mother will not receive any justice in Saskatchewan.


Frank Quennell is again blaming the police interview for the nightmare that destroyed so many lives in Saskatchewan. It was not the police interview, it was the interviewers.

- James Hunter July 31, 2006

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