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Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello

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Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello

The decision from the Supreme Court of Canada is as unbelievable as were the first charges against the Ross children’s parents.  I can understand that some of the new judges may not have the past history of the case and all the related cases that have been heard by the Supreme Court over the years.  After reading the first paragraph of the decision it looks like these judges are lying.  The Chief Justice knows the information is not true.  The court is taking advantage of Canadians lack of knowledge of the case. The Canadian media knows the truth and cannot continue to stay silent now that no one can say, “no comment as it‘s before the courts“.   

If you are a RCMP officer, or Brian Dueck, a former disgraced Saskatoon police officer the court will allow you to knowingly lie under oath in a court of law.   We are now going to allow the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada to knowingly lie to Canadians. Are hockey players the only ones not allowed to lie in a Canadian Court room?

The decision is a mockery of justice.  The decision has nothing to do with any of the people involved except the Ross children. There is no justice for anyone when the court manipulates the evidence to protect itself from embarrassment.  Keep the public from finding out the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan.  What the courts and administration of justice did to these children is sick and perverted along with the people responsible.   Miazga is not, and never was one of them.

Matthew Miazga was a victim just like the Ross children, Johanna Lucas, Richard Klassen and his family, Dennis Kvello and his family, Donald Leo Ross, Helen Susan Ross and Donald George White.

The Ritual Abuse hysteria started in Canada after pedophiles were exposed within the established churches. They were no longer being protected or allowed to continue to sexually abuse children. The established churches and court system were no longer a safe haven for pedophiles.  Pornographic books started being published detailing the self created ritual scandal of sex with children.  The first book, Michelle Remembers was published in Victoria, BC in 1980.

Saskatchewan’s history of racism and religious intolerance is well documented from the KKK of the past to the killing of First Nations people by the Saskatoon Police Service. The more radical ones religious and feminists views the more likely one would advance within government, the courts or elected to government office in Saskatchewan. 

The ritual abuse hysteria would have been recognized and dismissed by most Canadians as the ranting of religious extremists.  If one was to publicly state this in Saskatoon they would end up being charged with defamatory libel, a false rape charge or being a member of a satanic cult by the Martensville or Saskatoon Police Service. 

The government of Saskatchewan was distributing pornographic documents and funding seminars in an attempt to educate the courts and public about their self created scandal of sex with children.  There was no ritual abuse in Saskatoon until the Saskatoon StarPhoenix started publishing stories on how parents could protect their children from being sexually abused and barbecued in a satanic ritual.

Saskatchewan Social Services and the Saskatoon Police Service were engaged in finding white children they could manipulate and control away from public scrutiny so they could manufacture charges against innocent people. They did this with the full protection of Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatoon news media.

By the time the first sixteen people were charged in Saskatoon, serious questions were being asked about similar charges in the UK and USA.   Saskatchewan Justice was desperate to keep the bizarre aspects of ritual abuse, and the Saskatoon StarPhoenix out of the court room. The prosecutor, Matthew Miazga, proceeded with the case as a normal child sex abuse case.  The judges accommodated by gagging and sealing the testimony of the child victims about barbecued babies and being forced to drink blood and eat eyeball soup.  This would have been a great disappointment for the editor of the StarPhoenix and the die-hard believers within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

When the people in Martensville and Warman were charged by another dysfunctional police service it was to late to stop the malicious prosecutions.  Saskatchewan Justice would have had to admit that the Rule of Law had collapsed in Saskatoon.  Not only did Saskatchewan Justice not stop the malicious prosecutions. Saskatchewan Justice encouraged the religious extremists to continue prosecuting and took control of all the files, including those charged by the Saskatoon police for defamatory libel and the court gagged and sealed government disclosure documents.

After the first three convictions Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services employees were writing letters of encouragement  to each other.  Terry Hinz, a Saskatoon Crown prosecutor was writing a letter to his boss, Wilfrid Tucker, in Regina. Mr Hinz was not demanding that his boss put a stop to the malicious prosecutions.  Mr Hinz detailed in his letter how Saskatchewan Justice could keep the public from finding out what these Jesus freaks were doing.  Mr Hinz was relying on the one sided media reports as protection and said in his letter, “we should not announce publicly that that is our position.” This letter was disclosed to the plaintiff’s in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA civil case with the understanding that Johanna Lucas would never see the letter.

Johanna Lucas was picketing in an attempt to get some help for the Ross children who were in the Thompson foster home.  She was arrested and jailed by the Hrabinsky/Dueck gang.  When it became clear that Matthew Miazga and Brian Dueck were going to be sacrificed by Saskatchewan Justice the others involved in the travesty of leaving children to be raped and proceeding with the charges came forward to stab them in the back.

When Johanna Lucas started picketing and letting the public know what was happening to the Ross children in the Thompson foster home the legal department of the City of Saskatoon enlisted the help of justice Paul Hrabinsky. The feminist social workers enlisted the help of the newly appointed Court of Queen’s Bench Justices, Madam justice Dovell and G A Smith.  These judges relied on Hrabinsky’s former law partner, Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff,  in the Court of Appeal to protect their corrupt judgements. When injusticebusters started publishing and letting the public know what was going on the Saskatoon City legal department again enlisted the help of justice Hrabinsky who issued an injunction in secret court proceedings.  These corrupt court proceedings were known within the legal community and no one did anything to stop them. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith have continued to conduct corrupt court proceedings in Saskatchewan.

There was nothing in common between the feminist social workers, the investigating police officers, the prosecutors, foster parents and judges involved in Saskatoon’s religious hysteria except, sex with children.   They not only kept the children together, they refused to get them medical help and then kept a written record of a 10 year old boy raping his 8 year old twin sisters in the Thompson foster home for over four years.  

The editor of the StarPhoenix, Bill Peterson, was reported on injusticebusters to be a friend of Rev. Colin Clay (Anglican), Chaplin at the University Of Saskatchewan and founder of The Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children.   This could explain why he refused in November 1993 to publish the story about Saskatoon Police officer, Brian Dueck, and the Ross children written by Donella Hoffman. It must have been very difficult for Donella Hoffman, as it was for Johanna Lucas to realize that no one was willing to risk pissing off the Hrabinsky/Dueck gang and help the Ross children in the Thompson foster home. 

Guy Damien Lafleur, a well known and respected hockey player was recently charged with lying during his testimony in a case involving his son.   Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian Dueck, during testimony before Justice Hrabinsky was not only lying, justice Hrabinsky knew he was lying. This pattern of corruption and lies is accepted as normal in Saskatchewan court proceedings. 

It was not just the religious extremists who honestly believed that the children had been victims of ritual sex abuse. Saskatchewan’s religious extremist judges believed. 

Saskatchewan lawyers apply to be appointed as a lower court judge. Many of the Provincial Court judges in Saskatchewan do not have great legal minds, they are the lawyers who could not make a living practicing law.   A small handful of judges were involved at the lower court level.

Judge, Albert Lavoie heard the first trial in the Martensville case of a young offender charged. His guilty verdict was overturned on about sixty judicial errors on appeal. The appeal court judges had upheld the guilty verdicts of a previous ritual abuse case and a defamatory libel case. By the time this appeal was heard by the appeal court the judges were out to save themselves from further embarrassment if any of the other charges proceeded in open court without the protection of the evidence in the youth court. This judgement ended any further ritual abuse trials proceeding in a Saskatchewan court as it was clear that Saskatchewan Justice would no longer have the protection of the appeal court judges. The appeal court judges had no way of knowing that a civil case for malicious prosecution would expose their cover-up of the first malicious prosecution case along with the court gagged and sealed documents years later.

The judges involved at the Queen’s Bench level have a history of protecting Saskatchewan from those ungodly types who would dare to open a strip bar in Saskatoon.   The judges involved have ties to the religious community, K of C and former law firms who represent the church pedophiles who were sexually abusing First Nations Children. 

The employees of the government of Saskatchewan no longer needed to distribute their pornographic story of sex with children, the judges of the court of appeal were doing it for them in their written judgements.  Page after page of sex with children, that they knew was false in a attempt to add some credibility to the judgements.  The judges took every opportunity to defame and slander innocent people and protect the people responsible for the malicious prosecutions.

The upcoming KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal will be the forth time the Supreme Court of Canada has heard a case related to the Satanic ritual nightmare in Saskatoon.   Only one judge on the three judge Coram that decided to allow the appeal has full knowledge of the previous cases, Chief Justice, McLachlin.

The female judges that have taken part in the past judgements have all ignored the Rule of Law.  This is unacceptable but understandable. If they were going to base their judgement on their emotions, they should have been on the side of truth and justice, not on the side of lies and corruption. Like thousands of people in Saskatoon the judges believed that something must have happened to the children. The fact that there was no credible evidence did not matter when children are being sexually abused. The more trust one has in the administration of justice the easer it was for Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatchewan Judges to deceive and con the public, and the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada.

When I started reading the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal KVELLO V. MIAZGA civil judgement I was left wondering if the judges had some how gotten it confused with the Ross, Ross & White criminal appeal that was heard years before. After reading paragraph after paragraph about the Ross, Ross & White case it was clear that the judges were out to protect their asses, with a descending judgement and some of their slander for good measure, just like in the Ross, Ross & White judgement.   If it worked once, why not do it again.   People who know the details of the past judgements of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal would have difficulty not disgorging the contents of the stomach after reading the KVELLO V. MIAZGA judgement.

The judges of the Supreme Court of Canada know all about Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian George Dueck and Matthew Miazga’s Satanic witch hunt in Saskatoon.  The court heard the appeal of the Ross, Ross & White Satanic ritual case from Saskatoon in 1996.  A travesty of justice in Saskatchewan that resulted in the Supreme Court ordering new trials for Helen and Donald Ross. Donald White was acquitted.
When the Supreme Court of Canada heard the appeal of Johanna Lucas in 1998 they also heard that Saskatchewan Justice and Brian George Dueck left the 8 year old Ross Twins in the Thompson foster home in Warman, Saskatchewan, to be raped by their brother for four years. This was a travesty of justice that required the changing of defamation laws, agreement by all the judges to uphold the travesty of justice in Saskatchewan, jail Johanna Lucas and keep the public from seeing that the Rule of Law had collapsed in Saskatchewan.  The more trust people have in the courts, the easer it was for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to deceive and con the public. The public image of the court must be protected, the four year rape and torture of two 8 year old child wards of the Saskatchewan court was of no concern.  

It will be very interesting to read the judgement from the Supreme Court in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal.  Are the judges going to admit their past involvement in Saskatchewan’s travesty of justice or are they going to con the public again to keep from being embarrassed by the Johanna Lucas Judgement?



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
The Saskatoon/Martensville/Warman, Witch-hunt Trials
Warman and Martensville are small communities just north of Saskatoon.

R v. Donald Leo Ross, Helen Susan Ross, Donald George White, Dennis Kvello, Diane Kvello, Peter Klassen, Marie Klassen, Peter Dale Klassen, Anita Janine Klassen, John Klassen, Myrna Klassen, Richard Klassen, Kari Klassen, Pamela Klassen.

Donald Leo Ross, Helen Susan Ross and Donald George White were tried separately. The Preliminary Hearing and Trial were gagged and sealed by the Court. The other Defendants proceeded to a Preliminary Hearing. Peter Klassen pleaded guilty and the other’s had their charges stayed by the Crown. 

The child complaints were the children of Donald Leo Ross and Helen Susan Ross,
Michael Ross (10) Twin girls (8) Michelle and Kathleen Ross. The Ross children were suffering from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and had been showing signs of abnormal sexual behaviour from a early age.  Saskatchewan Social Services believed the children’s abnormal sexual behaviour was the result of being sexually abused  by members of a satanic cult. Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian Dueck, had attended three seminars on Satanic ritual abuse.  One seminar was funded by Saskatchewan Social Services. Saskatchewan Department of Social Services, Saskatchewan Justice and the Saskatoon Police Service were on the hunt for child victims of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.

Michael Ross had a long history of abnormal sexual activity when he and his sisters were apprehended and placed into the Klassen foster home in early 1987. Social Services had the children they could easily manipulate, but now needed people they could have charged with satanic ritual child abuse. The Klassen foster parents immediately reported sexual activity between Michael and his sisters. The incident was investigated by a worker from the Sexual Assault Centre as well as by the police, who noted that the children had sexual knowledge unusual for their ages, but nothing much came of the incident, for it seemed clear that Michael had been the aggressor.  

Social Services deliberately did not help Michael Ross.  By the time Michael left school in June of 1989, his behaviour was so abnormal the school system was unable to cope with him. Social Services now had some people to charge, the Klassen foster parents.  A member of the Klassen family was a known pedophile and this would open the door for a police investigation by Brian Dueck. 

In the summer of 1989 Saskatchewan Social Services and Brian Dueck were busy setting up a special foster home for the Ross children in Warman. Social Services were out to put Saskatoon on the map and become the first to educate the courts and public about Ritual Child Abuse in Canada.  Child therapists and other support workers were eager to take unfair advantage of the children and the gullibility of the department of social services, Saskatchewan Justice and Brian Dueck, for profit.

In December1989, Michael was moved from the Klassen foster home to the home of Lyle and Marilyn Thompson in Warman.  The stories of ritual abuse told by the Ross children did not start until after they were moved into the Thompson special foster home under the care of a child therapist, Carol Bunko-Ruys and Saskatoon police officer, Brian Dueck.

Michael was permitted to attend the Warman Elementary School on a half-time basis, but only on condition he be continuously accompanied by Mrs. Thompson, for by then he was a deeply troubled child, exhibiting highly unusual sexual behaviour. He was caught sexually assaulting a three-year old neighbour child.

In May 1990 his twin sisters are moved into the Thompson foster home where Michael was permitted to rape his sisters until he was over fourteen years old. The Saskatoon StarPhoenix was only interested in stories of Satanic child abuse and publishing stories on how parents could protect their children from Satanic cults.  

After the Ross children testified against their parents, Donald White and the Kvello/Klassen’s the national media wanted to talk to them.  Michael was not separated from his sisters as social services would have lost control over him and the truth about what happened to the Ross children in the Thompson foster home would have been exposed. After Michael turned fourteen years old (he could now be charged with rape) he was moved to a facility that helped sexual offenders. His sisters were separated, one to a foster home in Manitoba, and the other to a foster home in B.C. Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services refused all requests for their whereabouts.  The Thompson foster parents disappeared. It has been suggested that they were placed improperly into witness protection.

Miazga was the Crown prosecutor in both cases. He tried to end the proceedings at the first preliminary hearing without success. There was credible evidence in a medical report written by a Saskatoon doctor that Michael had been sexually molested. The Crown and Social Services ignored this and proceeded with the ritual abuse instead.  Helen Ross had information about this assault on Michael and her lawyer, Jack Hillson offered this information to Miazga during her trial. After Miazga talked to Terry Hinz another Crown prosecutor he did not proceed with any charges.

Miazga could not have stayed the charges even if he wanted.  The cases were being controlled out of Regina with Terry Hinz being the middle man and in charge of the cover-up of the Martensville and Warman ritual abuse cases by Social Services and Saskatchewan Justice.

Disclosure documents being withheld from the defendants, were also withheld from Miazga. These only became available during the Kvello v. Miazga civil case. Miazga was a believer in ritual abuse like many others at the time who read the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. Like many others, with more then half a brain it did not take long for Mr. Miazga to come to his senses.  I have not read anything to indicate that Mr. Miazga knew the serious danger the Ross children were in.  I have read documents that lead me to believe that he would have removed the children from the Thompson foster home if he received the documents detailing the atrocities taking place in the Thompson foster home being withheld by Saskatchewan Justice.

Saskatchewan Judges had been gagging, sealing, lying and slandering innocent people in their written judgements for years, and no one gave a fishes tit about it. It was clear and obvious to everyone who followed the ritual abuse cases what the judges were doing.

This continued with the Kvello v. Miazga civil case. Justice Hrabinsky’s secret court proceeding and the injunction against the website injusticebusters. Justice Dovell’s order that a conversation between a police officer, Brian Dueck and Crown prosecutor Terry Hinz was lawyer client privileged.   John Lucas interrupting Justice Dovell’s court to inform her that her proceeding were corrupt.  Dovell must have agreed as she folded up her documents without a word and walked out of her court, then had Mr Lucas locked out of her court room before she proceeded.  The proceeding were still corrupt without Mr Lucas. The judges continued in their arrogance to abuse their power until a news article in the StarPhoenix.
U of S law Prof. Russ Buglass said in the StarPhoenix article on November 06, 2002 that Dovell's decision to seal public documents was "highly unusual."     Buglass noted that "much more than half" of all lawsuits are settled before trial, and the files are usually sealed as part of the agreement. This was the first time the public was informed what the judges were doing.

It was clear that Saskatchewan Justice was going to continue to gag and seal. When this became public the decision was made to sacrifice Miazga and let the Kvello v. Miazga civil case proceed to trial.  Miazga must have realised he was going to be sacrificed when it was disclosed that Terry Hinz was going to testify for the plaintiff’s and he was going to be represented by the same Crown prosecutor that represented Carol Bunko-Ruys.

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