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I have Early-Onset Generalized Dystonia. It is sometimes called Idiopathic Torsion Dystonia and Childhood Onset Torsion Dystonia.  It is a neurological brain disorder that effects my muscles.

Information can be found on the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) web site.

This is what Dystonia looks like. 


These pictures were taken about 3 days after Justice Dovell demanded that I represent myself in court. I have included my doctors Affidavit below. My so called lawyer did not file the affidavit in court.


















The letter to Justice Dovell below was written a few after court and hand delivered to the court registry.












More RCMP abuse in Canada.

From News Canada

KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- A video of a disabled man being jolted by a Taser inside the local RCMP detachment was released yesterday, weeks after the man's death in a traffic incident.
John Dempsey, 45, had launched a civil suit against the police last year after the Taser incident in 2004, but the suit appears to have died with him. He had torsion dystonia, a disorder similar to Parkinson's disease. On the security video, one officer is seen throwing him to the floor while the second officer stuns the handcuffed man.

Just like many other people in Canada who have been witness to police brutality, Mr Dempsey, was arrested after he intervened when the RCMP arrested his friend Gene Lyne.  A sad fact in Canada is that you will be arrested and charged if you are a victim of police misconduct. Intervening in a case of police misconduct is considered by the police to be a criminal offence in Canada.

Mr Dempsey had Torsion Dystonia, deep brain stimulator and was taking medication to control his shaking.

Deep brain stimulator is a surgical treatment where electrodes are implanted into the brain. A brain pacemaker sends electrical impulses to the implanted electrodes in the brain.  The therapeutic benefits for people with Parkinson’s and Dystonia is well documented.

What is not well documented is the effect of being Tasered would have on someone with implanted electrodes in the brain. The deep brain stimulator was destroyed by the Taser.  Mr Dempsey walked into traffic on one of BC’s main highways shortly after.  What else was destroyed by the Taser?

All the charges against both men were later stayed or dismissed in court.  Was this a result of a Crown prosecutor viewing the video tape?

Jamie Ashby, a lawyer filed a claim for damages on behalf of Gene Lyne and John Dempsey. Mr Ashby is reported as saying: "He's passed away so the case dies with him,"
Mr Ashby is continuing with the claim for Gene Lyne.

The law in Canada protects disclosure. Mr Ashby is now trying to prevent the distribution of the video tape that he gave to the press.  This law may be good for lawyers who can use the disclosure as leverage to obtain a out of court settlement where the disclosure is sealed by the court. Pay out large sums of the tax payers money and allow the RCMP to continue abusing their power in Canada. This is not good for the RCMP’s next victim of abuse.

Where are Mr Dempsey’s relatives?  Where are all the people who claim to speak for the disabled in Canada?  The police in Canada are only allowed to use a Taser when their lives are in danger or the lives of others. How could a disabled man that was handcuffed be considered a threat?

Justice for John Dempsey.  Distribute the link to the tape posted on You Tube.

YouTube - CTV: RCMP using Taser on disabled man.


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