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Lance Finch

B.C. chief justice Lance Finch gave a speech to the Canadian Bar Association on November 20 in Scottsdale, Arizona.   There is a link to the speech in a article by Charlie Smith, November 27, 2010

I find it absolutely incredible how out of touch this judge is with the public's disgust with the legal and judicial profession in Canada. If the judge gave this same speech to the public and allowed questions after  it would be clear why other jurisdictions have created regulatory bodies independent of the legal profession.

There is no accountability for lawyers or judges in Canada.  This judge thinks the public dissatisfaction with the legal profession has something to do with there being not enough lawyers.

His profession is next.  Change the political process of appointing judges. This talk of electing judges will not work.  Have a look at the voter turn out, Canadians no longer vote for corrupt political parties, there is no one to vote for.  They are all the same.  What self-respecting person would run for political office in Canada?

The best legal minds are working where the money is, organised crime.  These legal minds should be the judges, instead of the lawyers who could not make a decent living working for the law firms owned by the best legal minds in Canada.



November 28, 2010                                R v John Kelly

I wonder why?
Who is in charge of justice in Alberta? Calgary City Police officers and corrupt Crown prosecutors? Who swore the information resulting in the defamatory libel charges against John Kelly and how many times has this person perjured themselves in the past?  Rubber stamp justice. 

It looks like the Crown has received some advice from someone with some legal training as Mr Kelly has been informed that the charges are going to be withdrawn and replaced with charges that have nothing to do with defamatory libel. Is the same person going to sign the new information and be guilty of swearing falsely again? Will the Crown have to go on another fishing trip to the City of Lethbridge? 

This has cleared up the reason for the gag order and the slander directed at John Kelly.   Its about the missing money and a corrupt Calgary Police Service that Mr Kelly has been posting about. This is a case of shut Mr Kelly up. 

If the Crown proceeded with the defamatory libel charges the information on Mr Kelly's websites would have been an issue at trial. The trial could have exposed who the thieves are.  Could it be that the Calgary Police know who stole the money and have screwed up the investigation and a murder investigation.  The R v John Kelly case is another screw-up and someone needs to stop these justice idiots from continuing with their unlawful persecution of John Kelly. 

I am assuming that a judge heard the Crown say they were going to withdraw the defamatory libel charges and replace the charges with some other charges where the stolen money and police officer corruption exposed by Mr Kelly on his web sites would not be an issue.   I think this judge has placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the public. I forgot, the court has gagged the press and Mr Kelly so the public has no way of knowing what the court, police and Crown is doing.  I wonder why?


November 20, 2010

R v. John Kelly

The R v. John Kelly case in Calgary is looking like a case of cops lacking the ability to properly investigate the loss of thousands of dollars from several non-profit organizations operating within the City of Calgary. After reading the information it looks like there are no rules or regulations governing these non-profits, or the cops.

Continued here.

Wake up Calgary

November 8, 2010

The citizens of Saskatoon made a serious mistake by staying silent when a now disgraced Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian Dueck, with the help of a crazy Crown prosecutor started charging innocent people with ritually abusing children.   The well documented cover-up reaching as far as the Supreme Court of Canada cost the good citizens of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon millions. Just like Calgary the local media stayed silent until the CBC Fifth Estate exposed the embarrassing truth of what happened to the Ross children, their parents, Richard Klassen and his extended family in Saskatoon. The Saskatoon police and Crown used the same tactics, as the news media and police in Calgary are doing in the R v. John Kelly farce.  Don’t listen to him, he’s crazy.

Continued here

Information about R. v. John Kelly is being posted at

John Kelly has a web site here:

Other sites: Police lay charges of libel, obstruction against Calgary website operator:

The case against John Kelly: Canada's unconstitutional Defamatory Libel law has no place in a democracy
By David J. Climenhaga | September 20, 2010

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R. v. John Kelly

New page is here

The Calgary Police officers involved in R v. Kelly are Detective Reid MERCER and Detective Spencer FRIZZELL.

What's up with the John Kelly case in Calgary?

To any current or former foster kids

A Government is trying to say that kids in and/or from foster care are so concerned about their privacy that they would not want to give their addresses to a class action lawyer who would fight for them in court for abuse or damages suffered while in foster care.

The Government appears to be hiding behind "confidentiality laws" and we need as many former foster kids to say that if they had the chance they would give their address and personal contact information to a class action lawyer no problem and that they would easily waive their "right to confidentiality".

Anyone interested in helping this Alberta Lawyer Robert P. Lee who has been trying to fight for legal action on behalf of foster kids in a class action for over 400 foster kids etc. can e-mail me and tell me if you would be willing to swear an affidavit to that effect to support our brothers and sisters in their possible claim against the government.

If you have any questions or would like to provide you name in support for legal action on behalf of foster kids in a class action.

Contact: John Dunn
Sign in, send him a PM, or email
The Foster Care Council of Canada Message Board

Foster Care News
The Foster Care Council of Canada Blog

Lack of Accountability and Suppression of Information
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Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) Home Page


To: Law Society of Alberta
From: Brian M. Samuels, Barrister and Solicitor (BC) & Gail Davidson, Executive Director, LRWC

Re: Robert P. Lee, a member of the Law Society of Alberta
To: Jennifer Rothery, Discipline Hearing Coordinator, and Heather Ross, Chair of Law Society of Upper Canada

From: Brian M. Samuels, member of LRWC, and Gail Davidson, Executive Director of LRWC

Re: Robert P. Lee, Lawyer
To: the Right Honorable Premier Ed Stelmach, and others
From: Brian M. Samuels, executive director, LRWCR:::



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